Emergent Games Confirms Plans To Unleash Its First Alternative Reality NFT Game

Emergent Games Confirms Plans To Unleash Its First Alternative Reality NFT Game

Emergent Games, one of the leading Metaverse and blockchain games studios, has confirmed ready plans to introduce its first non-fungible token (NFT)-powered Alternative Reality Game (ARG) dubbed “The End” next week.

In an exclusive June 21 announcement, Emergent Games confirmed the launch of its ARG gameplay on June 29, tagging ‘The End’ as the first among many scheduled digital and immersive activities leading to its highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game full launch.

Notably, as the Web3 ecosystem continues to thrive, there are increasing numbers of innovations attracting people from the mainstream gaming world to the new space. The development of play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay is one of the rapidly growing avenues bringing new users into the world of Web3.

Emergent Games is a perfect example, expecting to attract at least 2.7 billion gamers on its much-awaited P2E gameplay, “The End,” at its very peak. According to the blockchain game studio, the new gameplay will be the “first part of the game’s world-building phase – an interactive ‘story living’ experience that introduces the setting, key characters, and politics that build the game’s intriguing story.”

The gameplay will strive to create a compelling narrative by harnessing a handful of digital channels such as social networking outfits and website functionalities, amongst others. The End will give gamers an exclusive opportunity to become part of the story that Emergent Games is trying to tell with its Resurgence title.

Emergent Gameplay

While commenting on the eagerly-awaited launch, Ian Hambleton, the CEO of Emergent Games, said interested players can now explore mysteries and share the information they gather to gain rewards that have real value in the Resurgence World:

“The End (ironically!) marks an exciting first step in building the world of Resurgence. We are making something new with an incredible AAA game that offers an optional NFT element. For both gamers and crypto enthusiasts, it’s truly compelling.”

“Bringing players in now helps immerse them in the lore and the dramatic build-up to the post-apocalyptic world we’ll see with Resurgence. Plus, they get the chance to win first-generation NFTs that will prove invaluable further down the line.”

Cryotag NFTs Launch On Emrgent Games                        

The blockchain games studio is also set to launch new non-fungible tokens, “Cryotag NFTs,” alongside the Alternative Reality Gameplay (ARG) through an invite-only means. The Emergent Games will launch a limited supply of 1,000 free-minting NFTs, provided a user has an invitation

Emergent Games require interested collectors to register for the game’s Newsletter since it will issue further instructions there. Cryotag NFT holders will have an exclusive chance to access the Discord server, airdrops for future tokens and NFTs, and provide in-game utility and enhancements.

The brain behind ‘The End AA game’ development includes more than 40 developers with high experience in the game development world from top gaming companies such as PlayStation, Sumo Digital, and Codemasters.

According to the Emergent Games, The End is just the first of the gaming features to be unleashed, hinting at launching more projects, such as Resurgence Revelation, Resurgence Priority One, Resurgence The Thraw, and Resurgence Infernal in the future. These projects will lead to full launch of community gameplay (MMORPG).

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