Jenkins The Valet Introduces A Gamified NFT

Jenkins The Valet Introduces A Gamified NFT

BAYC steward Jenkins The Valet is ready to debut dynamic NFTs together with the introduction of his forthcoming podcast. The podcast is meant to create a token-gated community experience. It integrates gamification with exemplary storytelling and audio production.

This now marks a new way to experience podcasts and storytelling.

What Is Special About These Jenkins The Valet NFTs?

On November 27, Jenkins The Valet announced his forthcoming fiction podcast on Twitter. Several hours later, he also confirmed the development of a “dynamic, gamified” NFT collection alongside the same. These nonfungible tokens, Jenkins says, will enable the listeners to engage with the podcast on a deeper level.

Jenkins also alleges that the series will let listeners play against one another and showcase their progress as the podcast continues. In the Twitter thread that he used to announce the NFT collection, he also mentioned that after listening to every single episode, all listeners will get a dedicated NFT. The NFT carries over to a special podcast-based website.

Jenkins The Valet

On linking their wallet to the website and confirming that they hold the nonfungible token, listeners will then get presented with an audio puzzle that is related to that specific episode. NFT holders will get an opportunity to answer various quiz questions about these episodes. The correct answers will be announced after the submission period is over.

Those listeners who guess the correct answers will see their nonfungible token scores. The dynamically designed NFTs update themselves accordingly to showcase the correct answers. Moreover, they will earn additional points based on how quickly they answered the questions. Also, they can check their ranks on a leaderboard for the same.

Various levels on the leaderboard will be represented and attract differently curated prizes. Users can also sell, buy, or trade their podcast NFTs at any given time during the series. Jenkins stated on the Twitter thread:

“Each audio puzzle will be a collaboration between a team of professional puzzle makers and our partners at SALT. We’re excited about the intersection between storytelling and token-gated gamification and look forward to pioneering this trend with the Writer’s Room!”

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