Lost Relics: Explore The Action-Adventure NFT Game

Lost Relics: Explore The Action-Adventure NFT Game

Lost Relics is described as a free-to-play action-adventure RPG (NFT game) that lets you explore Talmuth. While at it, you can scour the dark underbelly as you go on quests searching for precious relics. Players are also tasked with saving the townsfolk from terrifying wild beasts.

During an era when the great beasts of ancient times lived upon the ground, clans of the northern realm grew massive in number. They spread out across the land. In every manner of thing, people who lived in these clans got wisdom and insight from the elemental up to the arcane.

They then passed that knowledge down from one generation to the next. That era was known as the first eon and it is where the first historical records can be traced back. During the same period, scribes first sought to record everything that was happening at the time, and that left behind an account for anyone who came later to refer and look upon.

As is the case with all worlds that survive through the ages, there were good times and bad times. Prosperity was brought about by the emergence of trade and the dark days came about especially after the massive eruption of Mount Olkepth and the ‘time of the long winter’ that came later on.

Although the most notable event that happened in this space did not arise from Olkepth or any other land in this world, it came with those who originated from other places in the universe. In that context, two obstinate races featuring intellects ascended yet fierce. They were heavily interconnected in a battle of colossal scale known as ‘The Deception War’.

Analysts believe that The Deception War caused a lot of losses of knowledge, life, and power. The rest of the war remnants lay scattered around the universe and forgotten. Up to this day, they are known as the Lost Relics.

Notably, the most sought after Lost Relics are hidden all over the universe. Being an avid adventurer, you are offered an opportunity to locate some of the relics. All information about the relics is available here. Some relics are quite rare with just one available for discovery.

In some cases, the items have buffs that give the characters bonuses in battle, appearance, and several other unknown benefits. Not much is known about the powers that the relics have. Nonetheless, the most prized relics are those that are known as Transcendent.

Every relic has a story attached to it, explaining how it came to be or describing its current condition. The relics are available in the following categories: Rare, Epic, Uncommon, Mythical, Legendary, and Transcendent.

The regular events and encounters that dominate a lively game world give the players a chance to earn tradable goods (NFTs) and participate in exciting casual games.

Lost Relics Adventures

Talmuth gives you a place to discover and explore while gathering information on the available Quests to start your adventures. These adventures may lead you to perilous treks through dungeons and across vast plains that end in forests.

In most of these adventures, there are different items hidden within crates, chests, barrels, and many other interactive objects. Every adventure crawls with monsters and it is randomly generated. This strategy gives a possible 4 billion variations with every theme.

Sometimes, special encounters are available within this Lost Relics world. The encounters let you experience distinct and challenging gameplay that gives limited edition items and relics as rewards.

Some events happen around the towns giving opportunities for unexpected adventures. Some of the events are new while others have been happening for months. All items in this game are Enjin items and are limited in their supply. They are destroyed to make those that remain more valuable and rarer.

Available outfits let you customize your character but they do not offer any gameplay advantage. All characters are allowed to wield any items and weapons. The only limit is their imagination. Wearables enhance the character’s appearance and the pets in this game help in the adventures.

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