Rekt Guy Launched Merchandise And Announced Competition Winners

Rekt Guy Launched Merchandise And Announced Competition Winners

Based on the usual information, things over at Rekt Guy are anything but dull, and the entire community is a proponent of that. The team started the week with a bang, announcing their new Rekt merchandise along with the winners of their competition. Here is what you need to know:

Rekt Guy confirmed the launch of its new merchandise line and announced the winners of its competition.

Rekt Guy’s REKT Merchandise Is Here

On January 16, the Rekt Guy developers announced their merchandise collection through Twitter, which highlighted all the details about their limited drop. The REKT Merchandise, in detail, comprises chic unisex items that will just be available from January 23.

For clarification, Rekt Guy holders get a 25% discount, and RLD (Red Lite District) holders get a free claim on RLD Edition items. Moreover, there are two merchandise collections: one for holders of OSF’s Red Lite District and one for Rekt Guy holders. Also, holders have various options between baseball caps, Rekt T-shirts, and a “Skull Trip” hoodie.

Notably, RLD holders have options to claim a t-shirt, RLD Edition hoodie, or cashmere beanie. Please note that 20% of the profits made from the merchandise will be put into the acquisition of Rekt Guy NFTs. It is part of their recent buyback plan.

The ‘Skull Trip’ hoodie from the REKT Merchandise collection.

Rekt Guy Skull Trip hoodie
Rekt Guy Skull Trip hoodie

Who Won The Competition?

Together with the announcement of REKT merchandise, the winners of the Rekt Guy competition were also unveiled. A team of four ‘brave souls’ managed to solve many riddles to retrieve OSF after being kidnapped by the Keeper. The reward was an RLD NFT.

The Hunt For OSF Highlighted

For anyone who is wondering, that was not an ordinary competition. It was a competition that comprised airdrops, riddles, the burning of NFTs, morse code, an alternate server, and a lot more. Specifically, the Keeper, a fictional character in Rekt Guy’s narrative, had kidnapped OSF in the first days of 2023.

The release of OSF was contingent on the solution of a series of riddles. Full-set edition holders got an NFT with a discord code that supported access to another server. The server had 12 rooms or channels each included a mysterious riddle that had to be solved.

The only way to gain access to the server was to own particular editions of OSF’s art. This is considerable since the last three rooms needed participants to burn certain editions for a new nonfungible token.

Solving the twelve riddles resulted in the uncovering of 12 words. Nonetheless, the hunt did not end there. To find the passphrase, a 13th word needed to be found. The Keeper assisted in uncovering the last word by posting many clues on Twitter.

Cumulatively, entering all the correct words granted access to a wallet, which had an RLD. Eventually, the Keeper released OSF. But, it is just a matter of time before the Keeper strikes once more.

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