Bitcoin Evolution review

Have you ever seen a cryptocurrency trading chart in real time? Then you have certainly noticed how fast prices move up and down. This is what we call volatility. And robots like Bitcoin Evolution are here to fight that on our behalf.

On the one hand, this volatility is an obstacle to a wide range of digital assets, as it prevents them from becoming consumer-friendly currencies that can be used for day-to-day transactions, while on the other hand, this rapid movement creates narrow windows of opportunity. , for short periods. If traders can understand the trend of the price movement, they can make a profit by buying low and selling high.

As it turns out, while the science of reading a cryptocurrency price chart can be learned with a lot of study, it is extraordinarily challenging due to the involvement of a multitude of factors. That’s why there are cryptocurrency bots like Bitcoin Evolution, which not only identify these small trading opportunities, but also execute trades quickly to generate profits. Let’s find out in this review if Bitcoin Evolution is up to the task.

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading app, which allows all of its users to earn passive income by buying and selling Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Its website claims that it is based on a clever algorithm that has the ability to identify profitable trading opportunities by evaluating different crypto markets.

Who founded Bitcoin Evolution is a mystery that has not yet been solved. The founders of the cryptocurrency trading robot are as anonymous as the founder of the original cryptocurrency itself, bitcoin. However, we found that it was launched in 2017, and over a three-year period it appears to have gained great popularity.

It is said that the fundamental idea behind the creation of Bitcoin Evolution was to make software that is easy to use. An application that could make the most of the limited possibilities offered by the cryptocurrency markets, especially for those who do not have a lot of time or technical skills, but want to enter trading to generate passive income for themselves.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam?

If a trading app claims that it can make you hundreds of dollars a day, it is natural for many people to question its reliability. But we have analyzed the trading bot and everything suggests that it is a safe and reliable software, with which it is worth investing your money. Here are some advantages offered by the platform:

  • Our experts provide us with a quick and free registration and identity verification process
  • Customer support operates 24/7 and helps with any kind of question, even technical
  • The automated software makes cryptocurrency trading easier for everyone and has no management fees

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How does Bitcoin Evolution work?

After registering, we recommend that you start trading with the demo mode. It helps you to get detailed information about the service offered, while also learning how to use different features of the platform. You can also use this mode to test your trading strategies and see how and if they work as expected.

Being a beginner trader means that you have to listen to what the experts are saying. In the early stages, you may want to stay away from manual trading and only use the automatic trading mode. Carry out all technical calculations on your behalf and execute trades at the most convenient times. Always define your stop loss and take profit for risk management.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Evolution?

Opening a new account on Bitcoin Evolution is really very simple. Once you have logged into the official website, you can follow these 3 steps.

Signing up

bitcoin evolution
Signing up for Bitcoin Evolution is free and quite simple. You will need to enter some basic personal information such as your full name, contact number, email address and country before you can set up your account password.

The Deposit

bitcoin evolution
Once you have registered, you must deposit your minimum trading capital which is € 250. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with the minimum required early on, so that you can familiarize yourself with how it works before investing more money.


You are now ready to start trading. Try the demo account first to understand how the user interface works and how cryptocurrency trading works. You will then be able to move on to live trading at a later stage where you will be prompted to set your trading preferences and the bot will execute trades on your behalf once it is launched.

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Key features of Bitcoin Evolution

Here are the main features offered by Bitcoin Evolution for all its subscribers.

Quick Withdrawal of Profits

While other trading platforms make their users wait up to a week to withdraw their profits, Bitcoin Evolution is quite different. You can withdraw your profits in 24/48 hours. Both your capital and your profits remain accessible at all times.

Greater trading accuracy

Compared to other trading robots, this software is considerably more accurate thanks to a highly sophisticated algorithm. Additionally, the website claims that Bitcoin Evolution receives continuous updates and optimizations from developers for further improvements.

Free and quick registration

To create your account, you don’t have to spend hours and hours in front of your PC. Signing up is free, fast and easy and doesn’t ask you to share a lot of personal and social information. In half an hour you will be ready to start trading.

Trading bots for everyone

Whether you are a professional trader or someone who knows little or nothing about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Evolution is designed to be accessible to everyone. Using the auto trading option, you can start trading cryptocurrencies without having to deal with too many complex technicalities.

Safe and secure

The trading platform has a robust security mechanism to ensure that your account and funds are always safe. Using encryption and other modern security measures, the app prevents data breaches and prevents hackers and cybercriminals from compromising user accounts.

Is there a Bitcoin Evolution app?

Bitcoin Evolution works via web browser, which means there are no apps to download on your device in order to start trading.

On the one hand, this is even an advantage. Since before starting trading it will no longer be necessary to check for updates or any application crashes.

Our verdict

If you are looking for a way to generate a steady second income for which you don’t have to invest a lot of effort, time and money; Bitcoin Evolution might be the right option for you. Don’t expect your profits to live up to the “hype of their marketing claims,” ​​but you may be able to earn enough to top your main income.

Also keep in mind that before entering cryptocurrency trading, think with your mind, not your heart. Manage your risks, listen to the experts, and always invest sums whose loss won’t cripple you financially if something goes wrong.

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Frequent questions

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Evolution?

There is no real limit to the amount of money that can be earned with Bitcoin Evolution. However, profits are generated based on the investment made. Do not expect to earn € 1000 per day by investing only € 250.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam?

Bitcoin Evolution arrived on the market in 2017 and has made a lot of investors happy since then, especially beginners. If this were not the case, the platform would have long since disappeared from circulation.

How much should I invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

The minimum is 250 €, but you can also invest a lot more to increase your profits right away. However, we recommend that you never invest more than you can afford to lose.