Bitcoin Up review

If you are looking for a way to earn passive income online, you might start looking into the world of trading. Thanks to it, you can not only earn a real profit, but you could also become a millionaire by trading with software like Bitcoin Up.

However, if you are a beginner and are wondering what a cryptocurrency is and how it is possible to trade it, here is a short intro. Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual money. And the cryptocurrency platforms trade digital currencies with other brokers who offer different digital currencies such as bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin is one of the most used digital currencies for trading these days. Because it is attractive as a digital currency, some retailers now accept it as cash to purchase their products and services. While you may think this is only possible in online stores, many popular platforms make it easy to exchange cryptocurrencies offline as well.

However, you need to protect yourself from online scams. That’s why today we’re going to take a look at a trading platform known as Bitcoin Up to find out the whole truth. This way our readers will know whether or not to invest with this platform.

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is sophisticated software that uses trading algorithms to trade bitcoins on behalf of its users / traders. It was developed to partner with the best robot brokers in the world. It is also managed by a number of innovative technologies, such as NLP, DL, ML and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

All you need to do to interact with Bitcoin Up is to carefully consider the directions. To work, Bitcoin Up does not require participants to have any skills. Considering the excellent score on independent sites, the robot looks prominent among users. The way it operates is very similar to other Bitcoin System available in the trading space.

With an estimated ROI of 300% constant, users seem satisfied. Bitcoin Up has likely provided at least 10% of its users the chance to join the Bitcoin Millionaires club since its launch.

Is Bitcoin Up a scam?

Bitcoin Up is reliable and not a scam at all. We tested the platform ourselves by registering and conducting live trades. The brokers who collaborate with Bitcoin Up are all of the highest level. In addition, they are controlled by bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Financial Service Board (FSB) and the Financial Service Board (FAB).

  • Brokers offer a maximum leverage of 1: 5000. Therefore, it is possible to open positions 5000 times more than your investment
  • Bitcoin Up offers the negative balance protection feature, which can mitigate the problem of market volatility
  • The software is secure and reliable, and takes care of its customers’ data and resources with high-level encryption

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How does Bitcoin Up work?

Bitcoin Up partners with a number of outstanding trading robots. They will conduct research, execute trades and earn profits on your behalf. These brokers are different from conventional servicers and finalize your transactions immediately.

Furthermore, a unique technique is used by Bitcoin Up, which is called high frequency scalping. This implies that even a slight slip can lead to significant losses. This risk of failure could have been considerably high if the brokers had been human. Being a robot, the accuracy is very high and uncertainties are minimized.

However, the danger is there and perhaps more than a beginner can handle. It is therefore advisable to limit the amount of money invested in the account, so that it can be managed with maturity in case of error.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Up?

Based on our experience with Bitcoin Up, getting started with the auto trading platform is very quick and easy. Here are some steps you will need to follow to start your new experience.

Signing up

Bitcoin Up
You will need to complete the registration form once you have logged into the website. This will only take 15 minutes, so make sure everything is done correctly. For example, you should include the name you find on your state ID, not your nickname. With your valid phone or mobile number, plus, you should also send a verified email address.

The next step is to check your ID and address details. For some people, getting verified in an hour is easy and for others it may take 24 hours, but there is nothing to worry about in either situation.

The Deposit

Bitcoin Up
To start trading you will need to deposit the minimum amount of money required by the Bitcoin Up broker partner (and this is the last step to take before starting trading). You will need to add € 250 to your wallet.

The payment will be immediately updated in your Bitcoin Up account. This is, of course, the main reason you need to use a controlled broker because it ensures transparency for transactions.


Now you can start trading in demo or live, to better understand the software and how it works. Here are some tips to follow while trading Bitcoin Up and make sure you get maximum success. Don’t continuously monitor the robot if you want it to perform at its best.

bitcoin up

Invest a minimal amount, as you are new to the industry and the risk of losing cannot be completely nullified, even using a platform like this. Start trading sessions in the UTC / GMT-7 time slot as this is the best time to conduct trades.

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Key features of Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up offers all its members the opportunity to use a platform with unique characteristics, such as:

Quick withdrawals

Bitcoin Up offers many payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals, such as MasterCard and VISA credit cards, as well as bank transfers. To request a withdrawal, it really takes a couple of clicks, but the timing depends on the withdrawal method chosen.

Costs and commissions

Basically, Bitcoin Up is free thanks to agreements with some of the best brokers in the world. Users wishing to use it only need to create an account and make a deposit through the assigned broker. Deposit representing your trading capital, which can be partially or fully withdrawn at any time.

Customer service

Bitcoin Up also offers excellent customer service. Immediately after registering, you will be contacted by a company representative to offer immediate assistance. Also, you can communicate via email with support. Usually, you will receive a response from customer service within 5 minutes of opening the ticket.

Is there a Bitcoin Up app?

There is no real application to download on your devices to use Bitcoin Up. All you need to do is connect to the app via web browser, desktop or portable device, log into your account and monitor trading. From here it is also possible to stop sessions entirely or start them.

Our verdict

Bitcoin Up is a reliable platform; the results are supported by the analysis we conducted ourselves live. We can also confirm that the software has received excellent feedback from reputable and independent review websites as well.

The Bitcoin Up software has been tested for a full 7 days and we have disclosed in this review all the details that investors need to make informed choices when trading. To sign up, click on the link below.

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Frequent questions

Is Bitcoin Up reliable or not?

Yes. Bitcoin Up allows you to trade cryptocurrencies automatically and by testing it, we discovered firsthand that it is a reliable software. This robot also enjoys excellent reviews from users.

How much should I deposit into Bitcoin Up?

The minimum allowed is € 250, but if you want to have greater returns immediately, it is advisable to make at least double the deposit. In addition, as you earn, you can also reinvest the returns, in part or altogether.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Up?

This depends on how much you decide to invest and the trading settings you apply. In addition, earnings can also be affected by market conditions, which are highly volatile for the cryptocurrency industry.