9gag Wants To Trademark The Word PFP

9gag Wants To Trademark The Word PFP

According to the latest reports, the popular social media platform 9GAG has secured patents for different digital tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These patents cover a variety of goods and services that are related to social media, fandom, digital arts, virtual environments, NFTs, crypto collectibles, application tokens, and digital currencies.

Let us take an in-depth analysis of these trademarks to understand what to expect from 9GAG.


What Does 9Gag Plant To Do In Web3?

Earlier in the week, trademark & copyright attorney @NeerMcD (NeerMcD.eth) went on Twitter to reveal 9Gag’s near-term plans. In a gist, she said that 9GAG has filed patents for many use cases surrounding NFTs.

The first of these patents is the word ‘PFP’ itself. This word is used across the NFT space as an acronym for Profile Picture” projects, featuring many avatar-based projects. It is the most common kind of NFT collection/drop to date.

Moonbirds is a PFP project.

Other patents include some downloadable software that supports the creation and distribution of digital tokens. Moreover, the digital tokens are used as ‘fan tokens.’ the ‘fan tokens’ will enable holders to prove loyalty to a specific community or fandom. The software can be customized, and users can choose distribution strategies.

More patents include the administration of a client loyalty program that rewards the users with digital tokens, digital assets, NFTs, utility tokens, crypto-collectibles, digital collectibles, digital currencies, cryptos, and virtual currencies.

It also provides online retail store services which consist of digital content, virtual goods, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Although there is no mention of any ‘phygital’ trademarks hinted at yet from this brand. The firm’s trademark includes the provision of an online marketplace for the buyers and sellers of services and goods.

This also features digital goods validated by NFTs. Will this result in a “9GAG Wallet”?

More Plans And Patents

Under IC 036, 9GAG patents issuance of tokens of value, virtual currency dealing trading services, and financial transaction services that involve crypto, blockchain technology, and NFTs. The services offer secure commercial transactions and payment strategies for digital assets. 9GAG also patents an online non-downloadable computer software platform.

The platform is also for developing and distributing digital tokens to prove loyalty to a specific fandom or community mentioned above. It also provides a platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). The services support software access to digital marketplaces, auctions, and virtual environments.

9GAG to patent PFP

9GAG is currently at the forefront of meme culture. It continues to be, for many, a voice of internet culture and meme media since decades ago. To see the brand pivot into NFTs and web3 is a refreshing take. As PUNK 6529 says “we must seize the memes of production.” Who better to do it, than 9GAG?

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