Discover How to Sell BTC in Turkey

Many people in Turkey who have recently learned about cryptocurrency and its advantages are curious about how to sell BTC in Turkey, when to sell BTC in Turkey, and where to sell BTC in Turkey. A thorough explanation is required for this crucial query. This is because your success in the selling process will depend on the knowledge you possess.

Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge of how to sell BTC in Turkey will inspire you to continue on your adventure, invest more in Bitcoin, and even offer you the exposure and orientation you need to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency sector stay motivated. This article will lead you through a succinct response to these questions. Let’s get going!

Requirements to Sell BTC in Turkey

In Turkey, there are certain regulations governing the sale of Bitcoin. It is crucial to understand what is needed to get started.  

⦁     A cryptocurrency wallet to store BTC

⦁     A safe and private internet connection for security purposes

⦁     A mobile phone for identity verification

⦁     A bank account or credit card for account funding

⦁     A form of identification such as a passport, national identity card, or driver’s license

How to Sell BTC in Turkey

There are primarily two ways to sell BTC in Turkey. Selling Bitcoin for the lira, the fiat currency of Turkey, and selling Bitcoin for altcoins, different cryptocurrencies, are the methods to do this. Let’s examine each one in turn.

How to sell Bitcoin for fiat currency in Turkey

For this strategy, it is crucial to double-check the exchange app’s transaction cap for selling Bitcoin as well as the associated fees before making any transactions. However, the procedures are as follows to sell BTC for lira.  

⦁     Sign up on an exchange website or app that offers the BTC/TRY trading pair.

⦁     Add Bitcoin to your account by transferring Bitcoin from your external wallet to the exchange account that supports the trading of the BTC/TRY pair.

      Search for the BTC/TRY currency pair after the funding procedure has been finished.

⦁     Enter the transaction information. This information includes the amount of Bitcoin you intend to sell, the selling rate, and other transaction-related variables.

⦁     To withdraw TRY into the bank account associated with the exchange account, click the withdrawal link and follow the on-screen directions.

How to sell BTC in Turkey for cryptocurrencies

The steps are as follows to exchange Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency.

⦁     Sign up for an exchange that supports selling BTC for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

⦁     Fund the account with BTC using your cryptocurrency wallet.

⦁     Navigate to “sell BTC” on the dashboard and input the specifics of your sale. This information includes the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell as well as the selling rate and your desired cryptocurrency. After that, click “sell BTC.”

⦁     Place your fresh cryptocurrency in a safe wallet.


This article is full of tips on how to sell BTC in Turkey for lira and other fiat money as well as for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is put the knowledge to use. Success is guaranteed in the journey.

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