Doodles Confirmed Partnership With G-Shock For NFT-Inspired Watch Collection

Doodles Confirmed Partnership With G-Shock For NFT-Inspired Watch Collection

With the recent announcement of a collaboration between the luxurious watch brand G-Shock and Doodles NFT collection, the world of non-fungible tokens keeps growing and spreading into new sectors. This partnership is expected to bring some unique limited edition watches to the market and push up sales for Doodles NFTs.

After that partnership announcement, Doodles NFT recorded a massive surge in its volume, hitting a 62% increase from the previous day. That is a clear indication that the sector is growing in popularity and demand for luxury watches and NFTs.

NFT-Inspired Watch Collection

Fans of Doodles NFT and G-Shock can now look forward to the launch of their collaborative watch collection in the first quarter of 2024. The exciting project is expected to attract enthusiasts and collectors, as it integrates the world of digital art with luxury fashion.

G-Shock watches, famous for their innovative designs and durability, are manufactured by the renowned Japanese electronics behemoth Casio. With its massive reputation in the luxury watch market, the partnership with Doodles NFT is an ideal fit for both brands to enable them to have a strong appeal to a wide audience.

Doodles NFT Collection

The Doodles NFT collection originated in October 2021. It consists of 10,000 generative NFTs developed by a team of artists including Jordan Castro, Evan Keast, Burnt Toast, and Scott Martin. These distinct characters include cats, humans, apes, pickles, skeletons, sentient flames, and aliens.

Since its launch, Doodles has rapidly established itself as a top Ethereum NFT project with a trading volume of more than $550 million. With the new partnership and growth into luxury watches, Doodles is cementing its position as a leader in the NFT sector.

The collaboration with G-Shock is not the only exciting news for Doodles NFT. This project has recently stated that it will engage in a strategic shift from being just an NFT project to becoming a massive franchise. This means that even more opportunities for collectors and fans to engage with the Doodles brand.

Launch Date Not Yet Announced

While the exact launch date for the NFT-inspired luxury watches by G-Shock and Doodles is yet to be announced, interested buyers and fans can stay tuned for different updates from both brands. With such a highly anticipated partnership, the release of the limited edition timepieces is expected to be a highly sought-after event in the non-fungible token world.

The Takeaway

The collaboration between the Doodles NFT collection and G-Shock marks a thrilling milestone, reinforcing the expanding influence of NFTs across diverse industries. Boasting distinctive designs, a range of characters, and a robust market presence, Doodles is poised to sustain its impactful presence in the realm of non-fungible tokens.

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