Forbes Unveils Legacy Pass For Web3 Community Building

Forbes Unveils Legacy Pass For Web3 Community Building

In another support towards the budding Web3 space, Forbes has confirmed the development of the Legacy Pass, a distinct membership club exclusive to 1,917 soulbound passes. The initiative aims to offer a platform for the creators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers within the Web3 community to partner, connect, and shape its future.

The Legacy Pass, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, is not just a digital asset but a symbol of Forbes’ venture into developing a community that focuses on growth and innovation. The passes are soulbound, which means they are non-transferable, representing a permanent, personal link to the Forbes brand.

This strategy for digital assets highlights Forbes’ desire to build long-term relationships with leaders, developers, and innovators in the Web3 space instead of focusing mainly on the transactional nature of digital ownership. It is now time to enjoy Web3 space using exclusive soulbound passes.

Exclusive Advantages And A Community Of Visionaries

Forbes is now encouraging users interested in the Legacy Pass to join the waitlist. Waitlist members are guaranteed early access to the passes, together with normal updates and exclusive insights into Forbes’ strategic vision for the Web3 operation.

Forbes is set to unveil the advantages accessible to Legacy Pass holders later this month, outlining the exclusive perks associated with membership, as per the announcement. A key highlight of the Legacy Pass is entry into the Inner Circle, a secluded community designed for holders.

This community endeavors to unite visionaries and trailblazers in the Web3 sphere, offering a platform for cooperation and dialogue among individuals dedicated to shaping the digital landscape.

Forbes Legacy Pass: Digital Collectibles For Web3 Entrepreneurs


Connecting Tradition And Digital Innovation

In January 2024, Forbes announced its collaboration with Magic, striving to bridge the gap between media and the Web3 space, beginning with the introduction of the Forbes Connect Wallet.

The primary feature of the partnership is the Forbes Connect Wallet, a digital space that enables users to keep, manage, and send their cryptos.

Forbes describes the introduction of the Legacy Pass as a fusion of its renowned media excellence with the innovative opportunities presented by the Web3 realm. This progression resonates with Forbes’ enduring mission of empowering visionaries and trailblazers, extending its impact into the digital era.

Through the Legacy Pass, Forbes has managed to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and is actively seeking to lead and shape the future of media and community engagement in the Web3 sector.

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