Foxtopia Introduces A Thriving NFT Gaming Platform

Foxtopia Introduces A Thriving NFT Gaming Platform

Foxtopia Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have managed to revolutionize the gaming industry by eliminating the gap that exists between traditional gaming assets and real-life use cases. Its key structure and operational models have created a new world for gamers by enabling them to invest, earn and diversify their income while doing what they love doing.

There have been many NFT gaming platforms, but most of them have prioritized the financial aspect of the game while neglecting the need for fun and a highly engaging storyline. The challenge with this factor is that the players no longer enjoy the fun that should come in the process, nearly making NFT gaming another type of traditional job.

Foxtopia realized this issue and knew that the process could be handled differently. That was the drive behind the creation of an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience that is also financially rewarding.


What Is Foxtopia?

Foxtopia was a land where utopia thrived between five clans of different foxes and their little companions. Each of these foxes had unique strengths and skills, which were unique for every clan. For many centuries, the kingdom was peaceful and the foxes lived in harmony under the rule of the ancient and mythical 9-tailed foxes.

These nine-tailed foxes were the symbol of serenity and peace. The mythical fox had the ability to shapeshift which made its true identity remain a mystery. Only once in a century did the fox appear under a pink moon, and it took its real form.

Life, nature, and all things were kind to these foxes until one fateful day, a single nine-tailed fox decided to break the rules. The fox went rogue aiming to sow discord within the community and wreak havoc within the kingdom.

The peace that was existing previously was destroyed and what remained in the once-thriving Foxtopia was greed, battle, and a fight for power to rule this kingdom. Foxtopia now needs brave and strong warriors now more than ever. This land needs individuals ready to lead these foxes together with their supportive companions to grow and strengthen the team, guide their warriors to victories and restore the utopia that once existed within the kingdom.

Owning A Foxtopia NFT      

Owning a Foxtopia NFT is considered to be the first sign of strength. Being an NFT gaming platform, the team has created a unique collection of 10,000 Foxtopia NFTs that are set for launch in December 2021. These nonfungible tokens will become available on the secondary marketplaces that will be confirmed through official social media channels.

Apart from giving access to unique gaming characters, ownership of NFTs serves as eligibility to participate in pre-sale events of future NFT mints, staking of nonfungible tokens to receive Foxie tokens, and various giveaway contests. The gifts might include SOL giveaways, Foxtopia and Companion NFT airdrops, and a lot of other merchandise.

The Foxtopia Companion NFTs are set for launch in Q1 2022. Concurrent holders of Companion and Foxtopia NFTs within the same clan can participate in different collection quests and contests as they strive to unlock special weapons and prizes for in-game use.

Developers of this project have a strong product planned out with many features prepared to be rolled out within a specified timeline. They prioritize the community members. The Foxtopia holders can vote on how funds from the community wallet are used including the 10% of an initial mint, and 30% of secondary royalties.

The Foxie token and a full game that comprises the many exciting features are now in the pipeline awaiting launch. Foxtopia is designed to create an ideal synergy between work and fun, which is a real economic and social balance. Gamers and collectors can thrive financially while doing what they love when they engage with the activities of this platform.

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