MapleStory Universe’s Blockchain Evolution With Avalanche Partnership

MapleStory Universe’s Blockchain Evolution With Avalanche Partnership

Nexon Group’s MapleStory Universe, is designed to enrich a massive virtual world focusing on the MapleStory IP, and has entered into partnership with Avalanche. The new partnership focuses on using Avalanche’s ‘Subnet’ technology to provide a gaming experience, capable of handling high transaction volumes.

Boosting The Blockchain Gaming Experience

This collaboration strives to boost the MapleStory Universe blockchain network, guaranteeing stability and continued innovation via tech partnerships. In the past year, MapleStory Universe has managed to make its mark at prominent industry events like TOKEN2049 and GDC, proving its commitment to pushing beyond the traditional limits of online gaming.

The universe of MapleStory is large, featuring four distinct experiences that help enrich the virtual world focused on the belove MapleStory IP. MapleStory N unleashes a new era of PC MMORPGs, incorporating NFT technology to offer a distinct gaming experience. Next, the mobile version of MapleStory N Mobile strives to guarantee that gamers enjoy constant gameplay across multiple devices.

From the pioneering free-to-play to championing blockchain gaming: MapleStory keeps evolving. Interestingly, MapleStory, one of the most legendary games from Korea’s biggest game studio, Nexon, is now coming to Avalanche through @MaplestoryU on a Subnet.

MapleStory N Worlds provides an exclusive platform for player-created content, supporting the creation of new game modes and experiences using elements from the MapleStory universe. Eventually, to support the growth of the ecosystem, the MapleStory N SDK equips developers and creators with the tools required to create MapleStory-themed digital experiences, such as mobile apps.

This announcement of ‘MapleStory N’ rolling out in some chosen nations shows the start of a phase, with more tools and applications on the horizon to deepen the MapleStory experience, based on the announcement.

GDC 2024: A Spotlight On Blockchain Integration In Gaming

Considering the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco scheduled for March 20, MapleStory Universe and Avalanche will host a panel discussion. The event will feature Angela Son and Edward Chang, exploring how blockchain technology can be woven into gaming projects.

Through strategic collaboration, MapleStory Universe and Avalanche are enhancing the gaming landscape for the participants. They are also laying the fundamentals for the future of blockchain in gaming. The move promises to develop a dynamic ecosystem where innovation and gaming intersect, setting new benchmarks for what is possible in blockchain gaming.

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