Mark Cuban Makes A Splash, Transforms His Book Into An Epic NFT Adventure

Mark Cuban Makes A Splash, Transforms His Book Into An Epic NFT Adventure

Mark Cuban is now making waves by venturing further into the Web3 sector by changing his book into a nonfungible token (NFT). Here is what it is all about.

The billionaire investor and entrepreneur from the Shark Tank TV show is making headlines with his latest venture into the crypto world. Interestingly, he is taking his book, “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It,” and changing it into an NFT. Furthermore, the innovative move comes after Mark Cuban discussed the idea on the Bankless podcast, and now he seems ready to make it a reality.

Moreover, to bring his NFT book to life, Cuban has now partnered with, a decentralized marketplace that specializes in eBooks and Audiobooks. This is deemed an exciting partnership that highlights the ever-growing link between crypto and literature. Furthermore, functions on the multi-chain Web3 platform and has decided to mint the NFT book on the Polygon blockchain.

Mark Cuban Book ventures into NFT space

The Journey Unfolded Cuban’s book gives readers a preview of his rise from humble beginnings to becoming a billionaire. Now, it has been designed into an NFT form, it represents the transformative power of business success stories in the speedily changing digital era.

Notably, the NFT version of Cuban’s book will launch on June 16, 2023. All interested buyers can secure a copy for only 5 MATIC, translating to almost $5. Furthermore, the limited release features 10,000 numbered eBooks, 385 unique cover designs, and 257 exclusive 1:1 cover designs. After buying, users can enjoy the book via

The Mavericks Past Involvement In NFTs

It is not Mark Cuban’s first dive into the NFT world. Previously, he was involved heavily in the NFT mania and he enjoyed collecting the NBA Top Shot collection. Additionally, he also showed his enthusiasm for Web3 as he shared his thoughts and ideas on buying digital land. He said in a YouTube interview that “buying digital land is the dumbest sh*t ever.”

Mark Cuban is not the only visionary who is adopting the potential of NFTs. Famous artist Michael Winkelmann, also called Beeple, introduced his first book, “Beeple: every day, the First 5000 Days,” as a nonfungible token earlier in 2023. Hence, the growing trend shows the intensifying integration of blockchain technology across different sectors.

As Cuban dives deep into the NFT space, it is clear that he can see the power and possibilities that lie ahead. By changing his book into an NFT, Mark Cuban is embracing the digital age and inviting readers to experience his incredible story in a wholly new and exciting format.

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