MasterCard’s New Web3 Game Lets Users Win UEFA Champions League Final Tickets

MasterCard’s New Web3 Game Lets Users Win UEFA Champions League Final Tickets

How knowledgeable are you about football or what the United States calls soccer?

In case you are confident about your football trivial skills, you might want to explore MasterCard’s new Web3-powered challenge, where you will get an opportunity to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The competition happens on MasterCard’s new Pass to Priceless—a web3-enabled platform that lets community members collect free NFTs, which gives access to exclusive experiences in entertainment, sports, fine dining, and a lot more.

The competition will happen in real-time, from February 13 to June, thirty minutes before every UEFA Champions League Tuesday match starts, a new round of the trivia contest will open.

Round winners will get match tickets, and will rise on the contest leaderboard. After the April 30 semi-final UEFA Champions League match, the person at the top of the leaderboard wins the grand prize of tickets to the final.

To MasterCard’s team, the trivia competition is a natural extension of their decades-long existing partnership with UEFA.

Beatrice Cornacchia, MasterCard’s Executive Vice President of marketing and communications for Europe, stated:

“As a UEFA Champions League partner of 30 years, we know first-hand the unwavering passion that football fans have for the game, so we’re excited to leverage our Web3 platform, Pass to Priceless, to put their passion and knowledge to the ultimate test.

Through our football-focused trivia competition, we are bringing together the football community beyond the field, connecting them to priceless possibilities and celebrating the very best of the UEFA Champions League.”

For those who want to get involved in the competition, they will need to get a MasterCard NFT: head over to and acquire a free Mastercard X UEFA Champions League branded NFT. Powered by Moonpay and installed with a front end designed by Web3 creative agency Otherlife, this free non-fungible token unlocks the quiz and prizes for all contestants.

To get an edge in the trivia challenge, refer friends to the competition – this earns you ‘free kicks’ that enable you to skip a trivia question that you are stumped on. You can also earn a “Share the Love of Football” NFT for referring.

Pass to Priceless, a collaboration between Mastercard and MoonPay, introduces an innovative authentication technology called IndexedDB. This technology securely retains user login credentials within MoonPay’s widget, serving as a crucial alternative to conventional authentication cookies. The significance of this lies in addressing the impending sunset of third-party cookies by Google in 2024.

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