Metaverse Firm The Nemesis Announces Launch Of NFT Car Collection ‘RC-NITRO’

Metaverse Firm The Nemesis Announces Launch Of NFT Car Collection ‘RC-NITRO’

The Nemesis, a Metaverse firm with a distinct hybrid model that smoothly unites Web2 and Web3, has confirmed the launch of their second nonfungible token (NFT) collection, RC-NITRO.

Set to launch on November 1 with Early Access, and launching through public sale shortly after, RC-NITRO is the second NFT Collection from The Nemesis, featuring 8888 unique cars that can be acquired, exchanged, and used inside of The Nemesis.

The Nemesis, a Metaverse firm

The distinct collection features seven distinct traits (Accessory, Texture, Body, Wheels, Horn, TurboFX, and Background) with up to 112 unique attributes. Apart from having cosmetic differentiators, the cars are divided into four categories that directly impact gameplay inside of The Nemesis. The four categories are Grip, Speed, Fine Tuning, and Acceleration.

For the users who participate in Early Access, they can mint free the RC-NITRO Cars, and can use them in-game after the global launch. The CEO and founder, Alessandro De Grandi, talked about this launch:

“We are delighted to introduce our second NFT collection that will be fully integrated with our metaverse. Following the success of our first sell-out NFT collection Companions, we wanted to create a second collection that would be fully integrated with the first.

With this in mind, if you already hold a Companion in your wallet, you will be able to get a guaranteed free mint pass when taking part in the early sale of the RC-NITRO Cars. In addition, we are also collaborating with several partner collections whose owners will also be able to be part of the Early Access.

As soon as the marketplace is live, it will be possible to buy and exchange RC-NITRO Cars with Coins or Nems. We can’t wait to share this collection with you!”

The Nemesis collection of RC-NITRO Cars will be launched on Ethereum (L1) ERC721, while the collection metadata is stored on the Polygon chain for convenience and extensive flexibility. The 3D models of the RC-NITRO Cars are kept on IPFS which guarantees they are immutable.

During Early Access, all these cars will be minted free – only with gas fees. Only those that have a whitelist allocation can mint during the Early Access through After the global public launch, the remaining RC-NITRO Cars will be available for the public free mint.

Apart from having a distinct NFT, owning a Companion from the past collection means the holders are eligible to get special rewards inside The Nemesis, in the form of extra cards that can be used to boost the experience in the metaverse, or exchanged in the platform.

The Nemesis Overview

The Nemesis is reimagining the web via its next-generation metaverse offering; a place without any borders where virtual and real-world encounters merge to form an experience unlike any other. This project was built to catalyze the mass adoption of Web3 by leveraging the utility of Web2 to smoothly onboard users from any background or interest to enjoy whatever they like in the metaverse.

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