Saudi Arabia Celebrating Their National Day In The Metaverse

Saudi Arabia Celebrating Their National Day In The Metaverse

Saudi Arabia citizens are allowed to celebrate their country’s National Day in the Metaverse. The 3-day celebration is happening in the Decentraland metaverse between September 22 and 24. From traditional nonfungible token (NFT) outfits to an open-air museum, the immersive experience pays homage to Saudi Arabia’s incredible culture and history.

The Arab nation is celebrating its first National Day in the Decentraland Metaverse.

Saudi Arabia Takes National Day Celebrations to the Metaverse

How Saudi Arabia Is Celebrating Its National Day In The Metaverse

September 22 was the first day of celebration for Saudi Arabia’s 92nd National Day. For this year, however, citizens can enjoy the event virtually as well – right at the core of Decentraland.

The Saudi-based advertising agency The Bold Group keenly planned the event with King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah). What was the result of all that planning? Authentic integration of history, culture, and entertainment.

The people who are attending this event can explore an open-air museum that showcases Saudi Arabia’s cultural beauty. Moreover, the collectors can purchase wearable NFTs that are inspired by Saudi national attire.

Notably, The Bold Group is also offering limited-edition POAP collectibles. These nonfungible tokens serve as proof of attendance at the first Saudi Arabia National Day Web3 celebration. The Bold Group’s Co-Founder Abeer Alessa said:

“Fusing our past with our future, we are honoring the storied history of the Kingdom, preserving our heritage and displaying it with pride for people to engage within the new digital realm.”

The Saudis is a Saudi Arabia-themed NFT collection that made lots of waves last summer.

Are Saudi Arabia Citizens Interested In NFTs?

Earlier this summer, an NFT collection known as ‘The Saudis’ made lots of waves among the collectors. The 5,555 pixelated-style avatars managed to score the highest OpenSea sales volume 24 hours after its launch.

First Saudi National Day celebration held in the metaverse


Its popularity was maybe because of NFT Twitter personality Farokh. This collector acquired several collectibles at once. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia appears quite keen on innovation and this includes the nonfungible token sector. The Bold Experience Unit’s Creative Tech Director Ziad AbuRjaily stated:

The idea is to usher the Saudi National Day, a historically traditional celebration, into the new era of technology. It was inspired by the challenge of convening people across the Kingdom’s 13 different regions to celebrate Saudi Arabia in one virtual space.”

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