The EPIC Santa Brotherhood NFT Collection Thrives On Positivity

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood NFT Collection Thrives On Positivity

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood (ESB) is a new, 10,000-piece NFT collection. Now in the presale stage, every individual collectible NFT represents a different version of Santa Claus. Their primary goal is to create a community and build positivity within that. The collection and developers are focusing on the creation of a strong and positive community.

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood

Today, the collection is in its presale stage until July 31 at 5.25 PM EST. At this stage, the price is 0.1 ETH to mint. Nonetheless, after presale when the EPIC Santa Brotherhood NFTs go for public sale, the price is expected to rise to 0.25 ETH.

Thus, the earlier you get in, the cheaper the price is. After the presale, the whole public sale date is to be announced, and you will get details about the launch on the project’s different social media platforms.

EPIC Santa Brothers – The Traits

Every EPIC Santa Brother is distinguished and systematically developed from more than 60 possible traits, including various clothing, headwear, and a lot more. The project stated on their website:

“All Brothers are dope, but some are more EPIC than others”.

These specific NFTs are mainly stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. In simple terms, it means that every token is unique and cannot be directly exchanged for another ERC-721 token. On the other hand, an ERC-1155 is primarily used for collections where everything appears to be the same, like an NFT for a project that operates a membership pass, for instance.

Community Overview

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood NFT collection strives to set up a community of people that spread kindness and prosperity in their daily lives. They aim to make the world a better place one person at a time. Furthermore, they want to build a positive community and space for people.

Similarly, to go with the ‘Santa’ theme, they desire to make every day feel like Christmas for their ‘EPIC Brothers’. After the project reaches 100% membership, they are set to begin work on phase 2 which they aim to host things like exclusive further NFT drops and events.

The project strives to support their brothers’ endeavors. It means that all members of the community will be taken care of and appreciated by The ESB.

Until now, they have launched several giveaways on their social media handles.

The ESB Roadmap

As the EPIC Santa Brotherhood proceeds in its journey, various roadmap activations will get unlocked as we reach various percentage targets. At 10%, the founder’s family will be repaid. Between 20% and 35%, weekly ETH giveaways will start and various airdrops will happen.

After 50% of the project has sold out, the site will be spruced up as they open a ‘Lounge’ for members only. Later at 70%, a merchandise store exclusive to the Brothers will be unveiled. In the end, once the project is entirely sold out, the team said:

“The Brotherhood reaches critical mass. New rivals reveal themselves. Everyone must choose a side!”

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood

The Founders Spoke

The EPIC Santa Brothers NFTs are designed and take after the founder of The EPIC Santa Brotherhood. They commented about the founder of the group on their website:

“It was through his vision that The EPIC Santa Brotherhood was born and started to grow and spread more prosperity and kindness throughout the world. Unfortunately, last year our beloved founder passed away unexpectedly.

But, as he always said; in our darkest times, our brightest moments are born. This devastating event did just that. At his funeral, several original Brothers came up with the idea to spread the word of The ESB around the globe.”

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