Victoria VR To Unleash First Web3 Metaverse On Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR To Unleash First Web3 Metaverse On Apple Vision Pro

Virtual reality developer Victoria VR confirmed that it will release its first metaverse app on the Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s first foray into virtual reality started on February 2 and the Victoria VRF app will be available in Q2 2024.

Victoria VR’s web3 is expected to treat viewers to a virtual space that is based on 5 elements of nature with a clear map of Victoria VR Island with the cardinal points and the layout of the entire world based on the principles of Feng Shui.

The package will include a Ming Kua calculator, aiding users in identifying optimal locations for their virtual plots. Additionally, a builder feature allows users to creatively design both interiors and exteriors. This engaging educational game is versatile, and applicable in the real world or within the virtual realm of Victoria VR.

Victoria VR is a virtual reality metaverse that is characterized by ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay. It forms an elaborate digital environment that displays the many capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro while concurrently highlighting the power of web3 technology.

Notably, the Victoria VR metaverse is powered by a never-ending motivational token economy that rewards active users and stakers. By integrating web3 capabilities with the depth and scale of virtual reality, the app will offer a memorable experience for the early users of the Apple VR.

Victoria VR - Realistic Online Metaverse

Victoria VR’s in-app economy thrives on the VR token, serving as an incentive for activities that enrich the virtual environment for all participants. The VR token made a remarkable debut through KuCoin’s launchpad, marking one of the exchange’s most successful launches. On its inaugural trading day, the token achieved over $100 million in trading volume, experiencing a remarkable 212x increase in value within its first month.

After the VR token generation event, the Victoria VR team has been striving relentlessly to build the metaverse application it supports. Over 80 in-house developers have spent the past two years working on Victoria VR from the company’s Prague HQ. After their successful alpha release, the Victoria VR CQB arena demonstration will be on February 9 and a subsequent Early Access to the Metaverse is set for April.

Functioning as the primary currency in the digital realm of Victoria VR, the VR token extends its utility to other projects developed within the Victoria VR brand. In the expansive Victoria VR metaverse, users employ the VR token to acquire items, resources, skins, wearables, and lands.

Notably, 50% of the proceeds from in-game asset sales contribute to the rewards pool, directly benefiting stakers and active metaverse users, fostering motivation for continued engagement in the virtual world.

The Apple Vision Pro went on sale from February 2. It promises a groundbreaking eye and hand-tracking interface with remarkable 3D video and a suite of AR apps designed to harness the full potential of advanced technology. By integrating augmented reality experiences with virtual reality, the Apple VR will create a multi-purpose headset as suited to work as it is to play and socialize.

Victoria VR Overview

Victoria VR is a Realistic VR metaverse that lets anybody own and trade VR lands as NFTs. Powered by the Unreal Engine, Victoria VR leverages the most recent virtual reality technology. Its metaverse promises immersive entertainment, discovery, and learning in a world dominated by VR opportunities and experiences. Victoria VR is the first Web3 metaverse to be available within the Apple Vision Pro.

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