ZEBEDEE And Edgegap Revolutionize Gaming With Bitcoin Integration

ZEBEDEE And Edgegap Revolutionize Gaming With Bitcoin Integration

ZEBEDEE and Edgegap have partnered to make Edgegap’s multiplayer game platform accessible to game developers. They have decided to do this by utilizing ZEBEDEE’s payment network. The new partnership strives to develop a unified global marketplace for game makers and players alike. Considerably, the collaboration brings in two innovative firms to achieve the vision.

Let us learn some more about the deal.

ZEBEDEE and Edgegap are striving relentlessly to revolutionize gaming with global payments and quick distribution.

ZEBEDEE and Edgegap
ZEBEDEE and Edgegap partnership

How Are ZEBEDEE And Edgegap Changing The Landscape?

First, let us review the two partner firms. ZEBEDEE is a popular payment processor that serves the gaming space. They Are backed by big investors like Square Enix, the developers of Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. Moreover, ZEBEDEE provides tools to develop in-game economies and supports global payments of any size using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Fundamentally, by using ZEBEDEE, game developers can readily make real money in the games and offer a smooth experience for gamers.

Secondly, Edgegap is a cutting-edge technology firm launched by Mathieu Duperré in 2018. Interestingly, they are revolutionizing the game in automation and computing. Moreover, their platform incredibly uses containers to enable developers to distribute their games and applications globally in seconds.

With an impressive list of clients that includes Path of Titans, Triple Hill, Alderon Games, Hiberworld, Whalefood Games, and Matrioshka Games, Edgegap is rapidly becoming a leading operator in the gaming sector.

So what will this collaboration look like? ZEBEDEE makes it quite possible for game developers to use Bitcoin to pay and get paid in their games. They are even allowed to make tiny payments for game actions, and it happens immediately without any additional fees.

Edgegap guarantees that the game functions seamlessly by placing it in the best location and using fast servers. Strikingly, this partnership enables game makers and players to enjoy the gaming experience by making it more exciting and enabling them to pay and play in new strategies.

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