CoinShopp creates platform to innovate in e-commerce and tokenization

Despite the drop in commerce during the pandemic, the area of ​​digital commerce (e-commerce) remains on the rise. According to surveys by SPC Brasil, 33% of Brazilians intend to make Christmas purchases. In other words, the market starts to recover slowly. Among online commerce, Mercado Livre alone registered 7.3 million Brazilians buying on its platform.

Therefore, e-commerce is becoming an increasingly significant part of total sales growth. In this sense, the Brazilian CoinShopp intends to innovate in an even more innovative segment: tokenization.

A 100% Brazilian platform, CoinShopp seeks to integrate the blockchain to carry out commercial transactions via the Internet. “Our platform will provide a simple, easy and fast way to purchase digital and physical products, facilitating the daily life of the crypto market”, said CEO Alex Martins.

According to the official website, CoinShopp is a decentralized BEP-20 (CSHOP) network token, designed to be an e-commerce platform for selling digital products, physical products and services using the CoinShopp (CSHOP) token as the main online payment method for purchases.”

The project was launched on November 7th and was developed in order to facilitate digital commerce purchases using cryptocurrencies. The token has an offer limited to 100 million units. With this, CoinShopp reached the penultimate stage of its launch phase 1.

“We developed our platform to unite two digital segments in a single player. That is, the active crypto market and an e-commerce platform and Marketplaces. The main objective of CoinShopp is to bring to the digital market a business option involving the sale of digital, physical products and services with payment in their own cryptotoken: the CoinShopp (CSHOP)”, explains Martins.

At first, CoinShopp will sell gift cards (gift cards) that allow you to make purchases in large stores. Uber, 99, iFood, C&A, Spotify, Steam and Deezer are some of the options.
CoinShopp’s platform delivers several advantages of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. After all, this innovative technology makes the integration of people much easier and faster.

For example, using Bitcoin (BTC) as a medium of exchange eliminates various fees, taxes and currency conversion needs. In this sense, users can save money and make exchanges more easily.

The same applies with CoinShopp. Both the platform and the token can be traded in any country, eliminating the need for currency conversion. With this, the platform eliminates absurd fees charged by payment companies.

So customers don’t have to do fancy math to try to fit the transaction into their budget. Therefore, online commerce through CoinShopp is done with less friction.
The platform also has no limit on the number of transactions you can make each month. The customer can make as many purchases or sales as he wants, as well as any amount. Thus, CoinShopp has one more advantage, which is the end of unfair fees.

In short, CoinShopp is a platform that uses tokenization to expand borders and facilitate business between users. In addition, blockchain technology serves to provide a greater layer of security for customer and retailer data.

In fact, the goal is to replace any payment that contains customer data (such as credit cards) with the use of the token. The platform was born as part of the ethos of the cryptocurrency market: privacy, absence of borders and information security.

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