Illuvium Introduces Gamers To the NFT World

Illuvium Introduces Gamers To the NFT World

Illuvium is an Ethereum-backed auto battler game. Players are allowed to wander into dangerous places to hunt, trying to capture NFT beasts known as the illuvials. Once the illuvials are captured, they can be taken to arenas for battles or can be sold in the marketplace for profits.

This game combines vast landscapes that are seen in open-world games, traditional RPG collection games, and fight mechanics of the Auto Battler genre. Illuvium NFT offers players an immersive gameplay experience, and the game is quite easy to play for players of any age.

The Illuvium blockchain game is mostly integrated with the hyper-scalable Immutable-X L2 solution. It is designed to offer zero gas fees transactions to boost the players’ experience. Moreover, the game is being developed by 40 global talents spearheaded by Aaron Warwick and Kieran Warwick.

Though the game is still in its developmental stage, it has grown massively since its launch in 2020. The team said that this NFT game is designed to become the first AAA quality P2E NFT game expected to change the gaming sector considerably.

Illuvium Gameplay

Players can explore the Illuvium world and battle the monsters, Illuvials. After defeating these monsters in combat, players can lock them up using Shards. The players continuously build up a squad that grows bigger and stronger over time, enabling them to explore more dangerous sections of the world and fight tougher opponents.

One of the many ways that Illuvium differs from the other RPGs is that it is entirely an auto-battler game. Players can tactically select and deploy their Illuvials to battle opponents in every combat incident.

Game Modes

The most popular mode of this game is the Adventure Mode. In this case, players travel across the world to combat and collect Illuvials. They can then venture into the mysterious land and look for the strongest Illuvials.

Developers say that players need to act fast since the Illuvials capture rate drops as more of them have been caught so fr, making these creatures rarer over time. Gain power, grow your team and conquer the game.

Battle Arena

Once these battle arenas go online, the players can compete to discover who has the best Illuvials team with the Arena Mode. Two arenas are available and each has its distinct set of rules:

  • Leviathan Arena: Players do not have restraints on experience levels and they point cost that is associated with Illuvials. Spectators will get an opportunity to place bets on the outcomes of these Illuvium NFT games.
  • Ranked Arena: The players start on equal footing. All experience levels are standardized, and every Illuvial will be assigned a point cost, making it battle skill-based.


Every Illuvial will look for and attack a foe while simultaneously accumulating energy all through the course when the battle starts. The Illuvial raises its energy level when it deals significant damage to the opponents.

When the Illuvial’s energy level reaches a certain threshold, it will unveil a powerful Ultimate Ability that may change the game’s outcome. The player that defeats all the opponent’s Illuvials will win that match.

The Capture

After winning the battle in the adventure mode, a player can lock up the defeated Illuvial with a Shard, almost the same concept as a Poké Ball from the Pokémon game. In this case, the probability of a successful capture in the Illuvium NFT game is mostly determined by the Shard’s capture power coupled with the strength of the Illuvial that is being captured.

If the Shards are too weak, the captured Illuvials may escape. Thus, it is advisable to bring the strongest Shards when exploring the high-level zones.

Experience, Leveling, And Synergies

Illuvials in this game gain experience as they advance through the stages. In case an illuvial is left in a Shard with no combat, it remains weak. The defeated illuvial return to their Shard for recovery and a timer is set for them to recover fully. For those players who do not want to wait, they can pay a small fee for quick restoration.

Different illuvials develop symbiotic relationships in the Illuvium NFT game known as Synergies based on similar classes or affinities. Illuvials are stronger when fighting together as a team of synergized pairs according to the Hybrid Synergy System. These synergies introduce new benefits to a player’s team, enabling them to outperform their opponents and increase their chances of winning.

The affinity, class, and fusion of the illuvials determine their strength and when paired and selected correctly increases a player’s chance of winning in combat.

The Illuvium Exchange (IlluviDEX)

This virtual marketplace is managed and operated by the Illuvium DAO. Through the platform, users can buy and sell all in-game NFTs, including equipment and Illuvials. Hence, players can use this platform to trade for other tokens outside the game.

After gathering minerals from the planet’s surface, players can use their Polymorphic Subordinate Drone to make sets of armor and weapons by infusing energy into these materials.

Some of the mining materials are quite scarce and offer the players’ equipment with stronger bonuses. Hence, players are allowed to decide between using the mining material to succeed in combat or sell them on the IlluviDEX to get the profits.

ILV/USD 1-day chart. Source: CoinGecko
ILV/USD 1-day chart

The team expects to release the Illuvium NFT game in the coming days. Data acquired from CoinGecko shows that after dropping to a low of $29.32 on June 22; the price of ILV exploded to 1,765% to reach a highs of $545.26 on August 13. It is currently trading at $519 on September 24, 2021.

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