Join BŌSŌ TOKYO For The Biggest Metaverse REVolution

Join BŌSŌ TOKYO For The Biggest Metaverse REVolution

Coming from the Star Wars’ box illustrator Tenjin Hidetaka, BŌSŌ TOKYO is ready to take over the Metaverse. The generative NFT project integrates Japanese culture with Metaverse utility – all for the entire community.

The debut collection drops on August 7 at 3:00 am UTC. BŌSŌ TOKYO is a generative NFT collection of 10,000 collectibles ready to develop a Metaverse REVolution.

Public Sale for BŌSŌ TOKYO to Begin July 31


BŌSŌ TOKYO is described as a collection of 10,000 generative nonfungible tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain. The term “BOSO” means “man speed, mad drift” – and that is exactly what these characters show.

Every digital avatar is ready to ride wearing unique accessories and traits. The 10K NFTs are divided into three categories: Machine, Human, and Chimera. Every collectible can become a 3D avatar that is ready to ride with you and your Metaverse journey.

The BŌSŌ TOKYO NFT collection will drop on August 7 at 3:00 am UTC on the official website. The public sale will feature a Dutch auction with a beginning price of 1.2 ETH. Accordingly, the price will drop by 0.1 ETH every 40 minutes. Collectors will have a chance to mint up to 10 collectibles per transaction.

The unique collectibles will be revealed on August 14, much to collectors’ delight.

What Do You Get As An NFT Holder?

For starters, BŌSŌ TOKYO offers various staking features for all the holders. Normally, the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) for every NFT increases after you start staking. The project founders will reward the holders who reach a specific RPM score.

Notably, the team is already developing 3D avatars corresponding to every NFT. The other upcoming rewards will include Tenjin’s new NFT artworks, and 3D characters compatible with the Metaverse. Furthermore, every NFT holder will get limitless IP rights to their collectible. It means that you can use your digital asset in whichever way that you want.

Eventually, BŌSŌ TOKYO community members can attend exclusive events and have voting rights to the DAO “YAO”.

Every digital character features unique traits you can take on your Metaverse roadmap.

The Team Behind The Project

The artist behind the generative BŌSŌ TOKYO NFTs is Hidetaka Tenjin. The experienced illustrator has developed artworks for Star Wars, Gundam, and Macross.

In that context, the NFT collection’s illustrator has an impressive background working on projects like Star Wars.

In the meantime, the ideology behind the project arises from Hisashi Oki, who is Japan’s representative of Ledger. The community designer of the YAO DAO is no other than Mr. Kensu, an entrepreneur behind Aru Co.

Legend Animator from Japan to Launch Identity Defining NFT Brand “BOSO Tokyo”

BŌSŌ TOKYO also has its anthem – a compelling sound that primarily represents the characters’ vibe. Consequently, the anthem was developed by TRILL DYNASTY and AKLO, a celebrated rapper with lots of international success.

Together, the team of experienced artists and entrepreneurs strive to grow and nurture a powerful, unique community: BŌSŌ TOKYO.

In case you are ready to join the outstanding project, mint your BŌSŌ TOKYO NFT on August 7 through the official website. In the meantime, you can follow the project through Twitter for exclusive announcements and updates.

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