Manga And Animoca Brands Partner To Dominate MENA Web3 Sector

Manga And Animoca Brands Partner To Dominate MENA Web3 Sector

Animoca Brands has made headlines once more this month due to its partnership with Manga Productions, a major Middle East-based comics, and gaming producer. Together, the partners aim to innovate Web3 experiences in the (Middle East and Northern Africa) region. From supporting the local talents to a new game publishing platform, their agenda may push MENA projects to popularity this year.

Manga Productions and Yuga Labs partnered to unveil new products and services for MENA region’s Web3 industry.

image of Yuga Labs and Manga Productions CEOs
Yuga Labs and Manga Productions joined forces to launch new products and services for MENA region’s Web3 sector.

How The MENA Web3 Industry Will Grow In 2023

The massive Web3 Company Animoca Brands began spring with a major announcement for the MENA region. The group confirmed that it is now partnering Manga Productions to take the local nonfungible token (NFT) and blockchain industries to a new level.

For starters, Manga Productions is a major Middle East production firm in terms of animation, games, and Comics. From this year, the team will launch Web3 pilot projects within Animoca Brands’ ecosystem, all tailored to the MENA region audience.

Dr. Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions, stated:

“With this partnership, we believe that this will further develop the creative industry in the region through Web3 applications as well as expand our portfolio within online and offline activations of IPs.”

In the meantime, Animoca Brands strive to support local young talents within the Web3 industry. Evidently, the company has already began working on offering blockchain courses to the relevant universities in Saudi Arabia.

Another notable effort is a dedicated local game publishing platform. For that project, Animoca Brands will also partner with other regional projects to unveil and promote MENA Web3 developers. In general, the mega partnership might eventually thrive and enhance the NFT and blockchain industries in the region.

For now, Animoca Brands is off to an impressive start in 2023 with a new system of nonfungible token licenses and its Manga Productions partnership.

digital poster of animoca brands' web3 projects
Animoca Brands is off to a great start in 2023 with a new system of NFT licenses and its Manga Productions collaboration.

What Else Is Animoca Brands Up To?

As a major Web3 umbrella firm and ecosystem, Animoca Brands Company continues to amaze by unveiling new products and experiences this year. Its latest innovation is a set of three NFT licenses that protect the digital creators’ royalties. Notably, the users will benefit from the unlimited personal use of every license.

Some of Animoca Brands’ efforts will go towards their partnership with Manga Productions to elevate the MENA Web3 world:

Founder Yat Su said:

“This partnership is one of our first significant steps in expanding into the Middle East, one of the fastest-growing Web3 ecosystems and a region rich in cultural heritage that can be adapted to various forms of virtual content. We look forward to bringing the various initiatives with Manga Productions to life. We expect to see more regional activities through investment and strategic collaboration.”

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