Forthcoming MetaShooter NFT Sale On The Largest Platforms On August 17, Hidden Gem Unveiled

Forthcoming MetaShooter NFT Sale On The Largest Platforms On August 17, Hidden Gem Unveiled

MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse. A realistic high-end, AAA-style hunting experience set in a breathtaking open world for hard-core players. You can enjoy various gameplay modes, earn money by missions, hunting, and competing in challenges, among many other things.

Real-life hunting, within the metaverse. Only one month after the game’s alpha release, MetaShooter already has over 8,000 registered users.

Upcoming MetaShooter NFT sale

MetaShooter NFT Sale

Getting back to MetaShooter, another major piece of news is that the game will be introducing a new NFT sale starting on August 17. In these marketplaces, you can make purchases of exceptional one-of-a-kind and beneficial NFTs on August 17 at noon UTC:

More places like Bybit NFT and many other dates and times will get announced, stay tuned.

Why Do You Need MetaShooter NFTs?

Gamers may occasionally forget that the entirety of the MetaShooter network is powered by nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs are the most important aspect of MetaShooter. Both the license to participate and play the game and the tournament tickets are NFTs. These are the only items that will enable you to enjoy playing the game. Nevertheless, this results in the second question, which is, “with what to play?”

It is important to have playable equipment to participate in competitions, hunts, and missions and get prizes for doing that. Nonfungible tokens are going to be majorly sought in MetaShooter. Since there are very few of them, better hunting NFTs are incredibly rare.

MetaShooter Prime Mystery Box

The MetaShooter Mystery Box consists of the first series of NFT hunting equipment and accessories to enable you to access some thrilling adventures.

Every NFT has some purpose within the game, is rare, has a one-of-a-kind design, and cannot be replaced. The limited quantity of issued NFTs, and their value, will be essentially protected in this manner.

To access certain MetaShooter features, advance through the game, and earn money while playing, you will have to buy Mystery Box NFTs. Nonfungible tokens have a position in the network that makes logical sense, and this role generates a considerable amount of demand and utility for all stakeholders.


Mystery Box NFTs have the option to get traded and sold. Nonfungible tokens will be made accessible in three unique rarities, each of which will have a variable probability of winning in percentage: legendary (3.88%), epic (29.45%), and common (66.67%).

When you open the box, you will get up to six NFTs randomly. These will get divided as follows: one unit of Epic NFTs, four units of Common NFTs, and one unit of Epic/Legendary nonfungible tokens.

Boxes comprise rare hunting equipment like guns, consumables, skins, vehicles, and much more. Moreover, players will get some incredible perks like land whitelists, hunting season passes, and invitation keys to the Alpha version. Mystery Box In-game NFTs are quite valuable for every player.

MG Labs – The Creators Of MetaShooter Overview

MG Labs Gaming Studio is an established game creation firm that is set to revolutionize the way people view Web3. MG Labs specializes in AAA games and integrations of blockchain ecosystems. Play-to-earn games of the highest caliber, designed by industry veterans with a track record of success. They place lots of emphasis on the game’s design and general user experience.

The blockchain developer has already produced MetaShooter, which is a highly successful title that is already live on Steam, the most popular gaming platform in the entire world. The other game that will be published by MG Labs was introduced just last week.

FishVerse Overview

FishVerse is a revolutionary fishing game that is entirely open-world and decentralized. Millions of fishing and P2E enthusiasts and gamers can enjoy the closest thing to real fishing within a vibrant community.

You can monetize your catches, upgrade your items, and use NFT fish for business development and other activities. All of that is available from any device. There will be more announcements made on the project and ways to make revenue within the fishing MetaVerse.

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