Microsoft Edge Joins The NFT World With Built-In Wallet

Microsoft Edge Joins The NFT World With Built-In Wallet

Microsoft’s Edge browser is scheduled to soon feature a built-in wallet for crypto and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). A pseudonymous insider by the name “Albacore” leaked screenshots that showed the new functionality in the past week on Twitter.

Since then, the tech giant is yet to make an official comment, but it does appear like the $2T company will be joining the Web3 space soon in a massive way. Why has Microsoft decided to add a crypto and NFT wallet to Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge crypto and NFT wallet

Bill Gates was once critical of Web3. But now, he is developing a wallet for crypto and NFTs built into the Edge browser.

Why Is Microsoft Adding The Wallet To Microsoft Edge?

By developing a crypto wallet and integrating it with the Edge browser, Microsoft will simplify the Web3 experience for its users. Clients’ crypto funds will be held in the current interface for stored credit cards. As a result, the users will not have to rely on 3rd party applications like Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask.

By taking out this extra measure, the move should enhance the onboarding process for non-crypto native people to begin using cryptos.

The screenshots also include a significant warning that the wallet is non-custodial. The functionality means that users have total control of their crypto. Microsoft will not have any access to private keys or the ability to freeze these funds. This is a majorly important detail since the “freedom to transact” is a foundational part of the crypto ethos, and anything short of that would be regarded as a half-measure.

What Features Will The Crypto And NFT Wallet Offer?

These screenshots leaked on Twitter and they showed an impressive user interface for Edge crypto users. The landing page gives an overview of crypto holdings with a great aesthetically-pleasing graph of the wallet’s portfolio balance over time. Another tab opens a page for transactions, letting the user send different cryptos and see a history of completed transactions. There is also a page for Web3-centric headlines with different links to some popular crypto blogs and breaking news items.

Most notably, there is a page that is dedicated to NFTs. It appears like an aggregator to many NFT marketplaces that are similar to popular trading sites like Genie, Gem, or Blur. In some bold lettering, the user is greeted with a message that states:

“Browse different marketplaces to find your first NFT.  As you build your collection of NFTs, we’ll organize them here.”

It seems like Microsoft will enable buyers to acquire NFTs from many sources, and then give them a seamless, intuitive gallery view to help arrange them.

Microsoft Edge NFTs

There was one mysterious tab that we never got a screenshot for, nonetheless – Connections. Might this tab indicate some form of social network that thrives on top of the Microsoft Edge crypto interface? Or maybe the ability to follow various incredible NFT collections? It might even be something as simple as a list of saved contacts, wallet addresses, or frequent transaction counterparties. Either way, we will find out soon enough.

Why Is The Edge Crypto And NFT Wallet Important?

By integrating crypto and NFTs wallets into one of their flagship products, Microsoft is giving 232 million Microsoft Edge users a ready and easy way to launch a wallet and begin transacting with Web3. The implementation will only be another crucial step in helping boost the mainstream adoption of NFTs and crypto.

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