Woodstock World Brings The Iconic 1969 Festival Into The Metaverse

Woodstock World Brings The Iconic 1969 Festival Into The Metaverse

Legendary music festival Woodstock has entered the Metaverse through blockchain production firm Sequin AR. The partnership gives global music fans across a place to come together and discover the Woodstock World. The aim is to make new and budding artists discoverable via the platform. Here is something about Woodstock in the metaverse.

What Does Woodstock World Bring To The Metaverse?

The Woodstock World festival is expected to stick to the original event’s iconic 1969 debut roots while building a premium metaverse experience. The metaverse features different opportunities and interesting activities for both artists and fans to enjoy.

Faithful to the original festival, Woodstock World will use archival 2D content together with motion capture recreations. These let fans interact with their favorite tracks and artists from history in real-time and in entirely new ways. Moreover, the Meta festival aims for the fans to relive classic moments and historical performances from 1969.


Moreover, the experience is built on Unreal Engine 5, which is the bleeding edge real-time 3D modeling tool of today. Woodstock World is also expected to introduce analytics, avatars, video streams and use its primary Sequin metaverse platform in several ways. Experiences like interactive archives, behind-the-scenes content, and immersive visits to historic performances from past Woodstock festivals.

Robert DeFranco, CEO, Sequin AR, said:

“Woodstock was and still is all about people, from all aspects of life coming together for an experience that makes them one. The metaverse provides a way for people all over the world, of all ages, to meet other people who love the same thing they do… and you don’t need an expensive plane ticket or a time machine, just the device you use every day.”

Sequin AR Overview

Sequin AR is a premium metaverse platform that is designed to power through Web3 and the metaverse. Represented by WME, the Sequin company platform and virtual productions services ensure that brands, retailers and content creators increase consumer revenue and engagement.

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