Grammy Winner AR Rahman To Unveil ‘Katraar’ Metaverse Platform For Artists

Grammy Winner AR Rahman To Unveil ‘Katraar’ Metaverse Platform For Artists

AR Rahman is an internationally popular multi-talented Indian film composer, artist, philanthropist, and winner of many awards. He announced that he plans to launch his metaverse platform. During his birthday, Rahman confirmed the launch of “Katraar” via a Twitter post. AR Rahman plans to launch the new metaverse in partnership with the HBAR Foundation.

The Katraar Metaverse Platform Overview

On AR Rahman’s 56th birthday, the award-winning artist surprised his 24.4 million Twitter followers by confirming the current development of Katraar. Specifically, Katraar is an exclusive platform for new musical creations, developments, and other forms of art that are created by up-and-coming artists.

Using a tweet, Rahman explained the purpose of Katraar is to:

“Bring in new talents, and technologies, and bring direct revenue for artists.”

He later added that the team is working in conjunction with the HBAR Foundation to do a lot of ‘cool things.’ That includes using distinct NFTs in art, music, and storytelling, together with an unrevealed project based on virtual beings. Katraar metaverse will empower the artists of this generation by making new emerging technologies readily accessible.

Furthermore, the use of decentralized technology will set up a community of music lovers and artists. Artists can also easily upload their works and get rewarded for it via the platform. Moreover, the Katraar metaverse will offer many other songs from throughout the world coupled with several of Rahman’s originals.

On another note, users can input their email on the Katraar website to get timely updates about the development of the platform. Upon submitting the email, users will also qualify to win surprise gifts.

Who Is AR Rahman?

Allah Rakkha Rahman is an Indian record producer, music composer, singer, and songwriter. He is also famous for his work appearing in Bollywood films, mainly Tamil and Hindi films. Rahman is also a winner of several awards, including two Academy Awards, and six National Film Awards, among many others.

Furthermore, he won the BMI award for Best Score for his soundtrack that played in the Hollywood film, Couples Retreat. Moreover, his music in Slumdog Millionaire also got an award for Best Original Song and Best Original Score at the Academy Awards.

Asia And The Metaverse

Millions of people are using metaverse technologies across Asia in different sectors. Consumers have already started indulging in metaverse experiences together with buying digital items via multiple platforms. A Deloitte report highlighted examples like attending concerts on Fortnite, buying items on Roblox, and socializing with friends on Decentraland.

The Deloitte report also said that there are around 1.3 billion mobile gamers in Asia, which is “the biggest mobile player base worldwide.” The report added they:

“Estimate that the impact of the metaverse to GDP in Asia could be between US$0.8 trillion – US$1.4 trillion per year by 2035, roughly 1.3-2.4% of overall GDP per year by 2035.”

This is mainly dependent on what strategies will be utilized in the implementation of the metaverse into the population’s daily lives. Nonetheless, the popularity of the metaverse and its current growth should not be ignored or underestimated.

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