Sneakmart MetaKicks Incorporates First Mystery NFT Sneakers Box Collection Globally

Sneakmart MetaKicks Incorporates First Mystery NFT Sneakers Box Collection Globally

The nonfungible token (NFT) is rapidly going mainstream with its incorporation in various sectors of the global economy. In that context, Sneakmart has solidified its position in the streetwear industry via a dedicated focus on NFTs. Sneakmart is the first community-driven Streetwear app that is dedicated to streetwear, which includes clothing, sneakers, and accessories.

Moreover, the unveiling of Metakicks, an NFT mystery sneakers box collection, introduces a new dimension of the sector via limited-edition footwear with Web3 implications. Sneakmart is a French start-up with a mobile-first focus on streetwear. It is at the center of the ever-expanding limited-edition sneaker sector.

In 2021, sneaker madness resulted in a 6 billion resale market as the collectors and enthusiasts resell and buy the limited-edition pairs on secondary markets. Nowadays, it is common to see sneakers go up three times in value or more as a result of supply, scarcity, and demand.

Nonetheless, Sneakmart also confirmed that the sector is now at the forefront of a massive change. NFTs make significant inroads across many sectors, including streetwear. They have evolved from digital artwork and collectibles to a status symbol that is worn proudly by its owner.

Integrating the sneaker madness with NFT technology has yielded the birth of Metakicks, a mystery sneakers box collection. Anthony Debrandt, Sneakmart CEO and co-founder explained:

“Sneaker addicts love to collect and wear a lot of sneakers. Everyone loves sneakers today, everyone wears them. With Metakicks, we want to allow starting collecting digital sneakers through unique designs.”

Investing in digital sneakers and various accessories via NFT technology appears to be the next frontier for the streetwear sector. Nike’s involvement, via its purchase of RTFKT for several hundred million dollars, shows the change on the horizon. Metakicks is a new venture by Sneakmart. It is notably a different venture, although it is also an equally prominent one.

Sneakmart Releases First Series of Metakicks NFT Mystery Boxes

Sneakerheads can purchase more affordable mystery boxes that consist of digital sneakers through Metakicks. Everyone who buys a box will not know what they will get inside. Furthermore, it is possible to open the box and show off the new digital pair of kicks or keep the box well closed and then resell it on the secondary market.

The mystery boxes consist of 15 unique designs with 3D animations, and up to four degrees of rarity, including rare, super rare, epic, and normal. Each of these pairs is tied to a particular universe and will make the owner stand out in the digital space. Additionally, some of the designs have some unique editions, like the soccer pair designed for Didier Drogba, a former international soccer player.

On its part, Sneakmark has secured partnerships with brands and celebrities to create 1-of-1 Metakicks. A French bespoke sneakers creator, Savoir Faire Paris, is the first partner. Anyone who selects the unique NFT will get their Metakicks NFT and the Jordan 1 off-White Coffee Latte exclusively designed for the drop.

The physical pairs play an integral role in the Metakicks ecosystem. There is a 10% chance of winning a physical hype sneaker whenever one is purchasing an NFT mystery box. These models include Jordan 4, Jordan 1 High, Adidas Yeezy 350, and Nike Dunk Low. The others include Jordan 1 High Dior and four pairs of Jordan in conjunction with Travis Scott.

For now, Sneakmart aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital sneakers to make enthusiasts and collectors the pioneers of future fashion trends. Additionally, it paves the way for personalizing virtual avatars thriving in the Web3 and Metaverse environments of the future.

Up to 6,250 boxes will be available in the first drop through the Sneakmart website. The team is now eyeing a drop date of February 2022. More price information will be made available through the official channels.

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