Esports NFT Platform 2CrazyNFT Partnered With ALMGHTY

Esports NFT Platform 2CrazyNFT Partnered With ALMGHTY

On October 13, 2021, Esports Platform, 2CrazyNFT, confirmed its partnership with ALMGHTY. ALMGHTY is a gaming and lifestyle label that operates under Gushcloud International and EMERGE Esports, which is one of the leading professional gaming and esports talent management firms in Singapore.

This partnership was facilitated by EMERGE Esports, which is a company that specializes in linking brands and businesses with influential talent in eSports. With this partnership, 2Crazy will sponsor ALMGHTY for their nonfungible token (NFT) platform’s expansion into Southeast Asia and European regions.

Furthermore, the platform helped in onboarding top talent to assist in an NFT collection when the 2CrazyNFT platform went live in October 2021. EMERGE Esports has a global network of award-winning esports teams. Coupled with ALMGHTY’s pool of highly influential talent from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore, 2CrazyNFT wants to strengthen the bond between the NFT space and esports.

2CrazyNFT To Benefit From New Partnership

Analysts say that the partnership will collectively elevate both industries. By combining the available resources, they are assured to achieve a common goal quickly. This strategy will help in the growth of the esports industry growth. On their part, all three companies now expect more firms to engage with the cumulative NFT and esports scene.

While responding to the news about the partnership, the Co-Founder of ALMGHTY, Billy Soo, said:

“We’ve seen the creator economy evolve over the years – it’s not just about the gear or the quality of content, but how the creator interacts and engages with his/her community. With this partnership, we aim to bring our community closer to the ALMGHTY brand and create an ecosystem for our gamers to thrive in. We are excited to be able to present this opportunity to our global roster of gaming talents.”

ALMGHTY was launched by the top gaming KOLs in Singapore. It is a gaming and lifestyle label that comes with the promise of acting responsibly as a big and popular content provider of positive mobile gaming content. The company recognized that the influence they command comes with a lot of responsibility.

ALMGHTY Takes Charge

The team at ALMGHTY has made it their mandate to pursue more than the traditional esports routes. They now aim to create a multi-dimensional talent label that can influence, attract, and entertain the entire gaming community. From the content creators to esports athletes, ALMGHTY plans to choose 20 brand ambassadors within its network to support 2Crazy.

With all that growing support from Gushcloud International, the new partnership appears to be the next step forward into developing the ideal future of gaming lifestyle. Arthur Getzinger and Dylan Katz, the Partners and Co-founders of 2CrazyNFT said:

“This partnership with ALMGHTY and EMERGE Esports is a big milestone for 2CrazyNFT. As the NFT market is quite new, this will be one of the very first partnerships of such magnitude. Being associated with one of the biggest esports teams in Asia, combined with the variety of talented players that cover 50% of the mainstream esports industry, we are very excited to sponsor ALMGHTY and have them as a part of our ecosystem. Together with ALMGHTY and EMERGE Esports, we expect 2CrazyNFT to grow significantly within the community.”

ICO Pantera, Orion Protocol, and MEXC Global are the main institutions offering 2CrazyNFT financial support. With that support, the company has extensive experience and understanding of the crypto market. Notably, it has a special focus on NFTs.

Participating users are promised unique experiences with unique perks. These perks will let fans meet local and international gaming talent and influencers, with all their expenses paid, and with signed merchandise from all their favorite players.

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