Nyan Heroes P2E Game Strives To Save A Billion Sheltered Cats

Nyan Heroes P2E Game Strives To Save A Billion Sheltered Cats

Nyan Heroes, a cat-themed play-to-earn (P2E) nonfungible token (NFT) game wants to save 1 billion cats from euthanization in animal shelters across the United States. This upcoming NFT battle royal shooter-style game is powered by the Solana blockchain.

Developers say that this game will enable the players to compete with one another using the NFTs representing animated cats that are used to test mech-robot NFTs in the game. The US-based project has been in the development stage since October 2021 and it is scheduled for release in Q4 2022.

This game’s first NFT drop is now available for holding and trading on various marketplaces like Fractal. Based on extensive data acquired from Solana Art, Nyan Heroes is now the fourth-highest NFT project on Solana in terms of the last seven-day volume and market capitalization, at $279,000 and $18.2 million, respectively.

Nyan Heroes: Introduction

In a recent interview, Nyan Heroes, co-founder and Australian Wendy Huang highlighted the company’s charitable vision going forward, together with offering a rundown of the upcoming game.

Previously, Huang has been involved with crypto and digital assets since 2016 and has also created a successful career as a content creator ranging from DIY videos to vlogs, pranks, and music. In the process, he has managed to amass nearly 14 million subscribers on YouTube.

Nyan Heroes Aims To Save The Cats

Huang insisted that her and fellow co-founder Max Fu’s love for the cats was a major driver behind tying animal-focused charity work to the Nyan Heroes project. She highlighted that they have an ambitious goal of saving up to a billion cats from euthanization in animal shelters through charitable donations generated from parts of the game’s NFT sales.

Nyan Heroes introduced its first efforts in this area on December 24, when it announced a $250,000 donation from the funds of its first NFT drop to the non-profit Best Friends Society. She stated:

‘That was one of the proudest moments I’ve had in this project.”

Best Friends Society offers a “no-kill” sanctuary for the orphaned animals and also strives relentlessly to prevent cat and dog deaths in shelters across the United States through its charity work. The group said that its “no-kill” movement has helped in the reduction of the number of dog and cat deaths in many animal shelters from 17 million annually to about 347,000.

Huang said that the game project will launch a DAO that will offer its members voting rights on where the Nyan Heroes donations will be sent to in the future. She added:

“We’ll be creating a young hero DAO. And part of that DAOs responsibilities will be deciding where to donate funds to, to which animal shelter and to what causes in that particular realm.”

The Game

Huang said that a huge sticking point for P2E blockchain games is sustainability over a long time. She stated that most P2E games are quite reliant on a continual stream of new users to remain profitable and suffer from players continuously cashing out eventually taking value out of the game.

Nyan Heroes (NFT Game)

She commented:

“We don’t know how many players will be coming into the economy. So we need to realize that building a game is not only about the gameplay, but about the economic system and how sustainable everything is.”

Huang explained that Nyan Heroes sustainability model is powered by several factors including, the introduction of an in-game stablecoin to minimize the volatility of its assets, staking rewards on NFTs, and a triple-A gaming experience that is similar to Fortnite that has “historically attracted players” who wish to spend funds on the game:

“The way we address it is to come up with a better game where users will want to play the game and inject value into the system to balance out the players that come into the ecosystem to take value out.”

She added:

“We keep the in-game token stable so that the value of your in-game items isn’t going to crash and burn. And we feel like that’s what players need to want to stay with a game. You don’t want your in-game items to be worth $1,000 one day and then 10 dollars the next.”

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