GNO City Play-To-Earn Game Set Up The Most Diverse WAX Blockchain Game

GNO City Play-To-Earn Game Set Up The Most Diverse WAX Blockchain Game

GNO City comprises an already playable trading card game that is powered by the WAX blockchain. In this game, players can collect nonfungible tokens (NFTs), win some experience points, level up, and even earn some tokens by playing the game. GNO City players can explore the story mode or go head to head in matches against different players.

The team is developing an open-world metaverse that enables participants to own pieces of land. Furthermore, GNO City lets players roam the city to capture various characters. The project already comprises a playable trading card game that is powered by the WAX blockchain. NFTs that feature in this game can be accessed on AtomicHub.

Play-to-Earn Tokens and NFTs in GNO City

Digital collectible card games are a major business in recent months. Some of the brands like Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone have reported reaching over 100 million players and have a thriving eSport scene. The sector rakes in cumulative revenue of over $2 billion annually from selling cards to players.

However, most of these players do not earn considerable amounts unless they get to a level where they are considered to be famous eSport stars. The introduction of nonfungible tokens to the genre enables all players and card collectors to get a lot more from trading their cards and earning tokens.

While a majority of the projects are still in the development stage, GNO City is already playable currently via This game offers players modern technology coupled with a nostalgic feel released by their trading cards.

Many players say that the new project brings back many old memories of playing Pokémon trading cards. Nonetheless, it is enhanced with new concepts of players being allowed to breed their NFTs into series 2 with a greater evolution.

GNO City Game Features

The GNO City game features several game modes which include racing, battle (1v1 PVP), and story. One can earn the GNOKEN token by playing the PVP and racing modes. Moreover, they can purchase character nonfungible tokens with their earned tokens in the GNOKEN shop. In story mode, players are rewarded accordingly for collecting certain NFTs.

As players garner skills, their character NFTs get upgraded continuously. One earns experience by winning in Racing, PVP, and Story modes. Notably, every available character has a max level that depends on the rarity of the nonfungible tokens.

Players may also grab a pet from Complex Series and then stake them for hourly experience so that they can level up their NFTs without having to engage in battles. In the PVP mode, players are allowed to set their character NFT lineup in 5 different slots.

As a trainer, a player loses energy whenever they engage in too much battling in the day. However, they are allowed to boost their energy reserves by owning the Energy Refill NFT. On the other hand, the players may decide to wait it out with each hour getting them 20 energy maxed out at 100.

Healing the character NFTs can be done with the freebie one per lineup slot after every 24 hours or the players can feed their characters with some food.

Breeding The Gnomes

Players can evolve their Gnomes into Series II by gaining eggs. One gains eggs by staking the particular character and earn their eggs. Each card in the Gnome Series is stake-able to earn some eggs per hour.

As an online multiplayer game, GNO City also features Achievements and Leaderboards. The players can claim an achievement when they reach criteria with a nonfungible token. Please note that you can only claim an achievement one time on a nonfungible token, hence choose wisely.

Those climbing on the ranks are allowed to see their character on the leaderboards once they reach certain levels.

GNO City Play-to-Earn Game

GNO City features a Marketplace for trading NFTs. Hence it means that players can just list their high-level character for sale on AtomicHub. Then, an API picks up the character and displays it to all the players. The showcasing enables people to buy a high-level character with WAX.

Developers are striving relentlessly to create more features that enable participants to play to earn. The team confirmed that the Land ownership feature is coming soon. When it goes live, it will enable people with businesses and homes to stake for rewards.

Inventory and Resources are also in the pipeline. Therefore, players can build a home and earn more garage spaces for racing mode and much more. The real map exploration feature is coming soon. When activated, players can find Gnome characters and capture them to earn nonfungible tokens.

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