MetaHero NFT Game, A Gateway to The Universe

MetaHero NFT Game, A Gateway to The Universe

Metahero is now introducing metascanning technology to the metaverse. The team aims to recruit the next ten million cryptocurrency users. The pandemic brought in remote work, online concerts, virtual happy hours, and a largely blurry line between what is ‘real’ and what is digital.

With more people spending a lot of time online, the metaverse begins to feel more tangible with every passing day. In the metaverse, there is an insatiable appetite for distinct assets, whether they are personal avatars, digital art, and other virtual items.

Into this new space comes MetaHero, a project that works to enable people to port items and themselves into the digital realm.

What Is Metahero?

Metahero is a project that is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It combines 3D scanning technology with non-fungible token (NFT) smart contracts to enable the creation of unique meta avatars and meta-objects.

At the epicenter of Metahero is 3D scanning technology that analyzes actual-world objects to gather data on their appearance and render it in a digital form. To gain access to the best 3D scanners, the game has partnered with Wolf Studio. Wolf Studio has technology that has been used in the gaming, music, and fashion sectors.

Notably, Metahero gives its users the ability to turn everything into an ultra-realistic NFT. It recreates things digitally which gives it some of its value. Each Metahero NFT is registered immutably on the blockchain and it is readily monetizable. In that way, Metahero creates a marketplace and token network to offer entrepreneurs and creators increased access to the distinct, all-digital opportunities of the future.

The story of this project started with Codewise, which is a Krakow-based startup. It is one of the quickest-growing European software companies in the past several years. Codewise was bought in 2020, and its CEO, Robert Gryn, took around $10 million of the money and committed it to self-fund his vision for the metaverse.

Although Metahero was formed earlier this year, Gryn is majorly involved with web3, most notably, being an angel investor in Tenset. Tenset is a bridge between the traditional stock market and cryptocurrency. The team consists of many Codewise alumni and a speedily expanding cast of engineers, developers, and community builders.

How Does Metahero Work?

The Metahero scanners are an undeniable technological novelty. Each of them uses a mobile 3D chamber that comprises 16 movable stanchions with a server unit and four cameras. Moreover, there are 64 devices set to capture images in ideal synchronization.

To enable users to access 3D scanning, Metahero wants to create scanning chambers in strategic locations all over the world. For starters, there are defined plans to install 12 chambers in areas with a strong culture of gaming and technology.

Their first-generation 4K public chambers are already working in Doha, Qatar. Other cities that will follow include New York, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, and many more. All that users have to do to use Metahero scanning services is to download their app and hold a certain number of HERO tokens.

HERO tokens are the platform’s native asset. You can use them to pay for the scan.

Metahero App

The Metahero app is another major pillar of the Metahero ecosystem. Although there are clear plans for the future, the first journey of the app will happen and it will act as a vehicle for holding and transacting in HERO tokens. Later on, the app will also enable users to license the NFTs, track all the metrics related to their HERO activity, and operate as a fiat onramp.

In general, integrating the app with the fiat infrastructure is a crucial part of Metahero’s strategy to push mass adoption. Currently, to get HERO and participate in next-generation 3D scanning, users need to buy BNB tokens on BNB Smart Chain. Then, they can acquire HERO through PancakeSwap in a process that features some friction.

After the next versions of the app are completed, the users can skip the friction and go from their local currency to HERO in a number of clicks. Metahero also wants to integrate with Visa that may enable HERO holders to spend these tokens on their daily expenses. The token enables the holders to pay for royalties, transact on the Metahero NFT marketplace, and fund scans on their own.

 Dive into MetaHero

What Makes Metahero Unique?

Many crypto products focus on gaming and NFTs, but few add 3D scanning into the mix. Metahero said that it is enabling users to inject themselves into the internet. By creating a bridge between the physical and digital, the Metahero developers are saying that the future is more about getting synergies between the emerging technologies.

By using VR, AR, blockchain, cloud servers, and ultra HD scanning, the project aims to develop something that is wholly new. If this project succeeds, Metahero will become an integral connection point between the physical and digital worlds.

That might be a major player in the early colonization of the virtual worlds. These worlds have unlimited potential for self-expression and a lot of value generation.

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