Anonsys review

Anonsys, also known as Anon System, is a new automated trading application developed by the Anonymous group to combat inequalities in our society. The team that developed this robot claims to have designed a revolutionary trading robot, capable of exploiting the cryptocurrency market and generating profits for users.

In this Anon System review we will analyze the app in its features, determine if it is reliable and provide a step by step guide on how to open an account on the platform’s website.

Anon System is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot that explores the cryptocurrency market and finds profitable trades for its users, probably generating $ 1000 per day, at least according to its website. Will it all be true? Is this just a scam? Let’s find out together.



What is Anonsys?


Anonsys is an innovative auto trading robot created by a group of anonymous programmers and traders. The website claims that its software is capable of generating high profits on behalf of its users by finding anomalies in cryptocurrency prices. The robot allows users to trade anonymously, which means that all members of the platform are hidden under the username “AnonTrader”.


Also according to the robot’s website, this trading software is part of the Anonymous group, which typically attacks governments and some people-controlled banks. It is known that this trading app can generate money for investors; and the proof is posted in a video on the site showing the live trading operation.


Is Anonsys a scam?


From our tests Anonsys was found to be safe and reliable. It makes its users truly anonymous, probably using an encrypted network, which also changes the IP address of its members, so that none of their activities can be tracked. This way, all the money in your account is yours and you can do whatever you want with it, reinvest or withdraw.

  • The system is really designed by the Anonymous group<
  • It works 24/7, so everyone can use it
  • Customer support is responsive, but only available via email


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How does Anonsys work?


Like other trading robots reviewed in the past, Anonsys offers automated trading software that can generate profits for its users. This trading app can find small price differences in the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of them.


While it is impossible to know exactly how this technology works, it is important to note that many new trading robots are entering the cryptocurrency market in the same way.

The High Frequency Trading (HFT) debate is essentially a debate on the morality of using automatic trading machines in financial markets. However, many trading machines like Anonsys have freely traded the stock, forex and futures markets since the early 1990s and are completely legal.

Anonsys presents a detailed video showing how the whole process works. After investors fund their account, the Anonsys system connects users to the “regulated” broker’s trading platform, where the automated trading machine can send thousands of orders per minute.


How to open an account with Anonsys?


On its website, Anonsys tells users how to start trading using their auto trading machine. According to this trading robot, the registration process is very simple and involves three quick steps:


Signing up


First, you will need to register on the official Anonsys website and enter your personal information. This includes name, surname, email address and the choice of a password. As the video shows, you will be instantly transferred to a trusted and regulated broker in your country based on your device’s IP address. You can then test the trading machine on a demo account before depositing funds into the trading account.


To deposit

Since Anonsys software is 100% profitable and secure, you can fund your account with your associated broker and start trading in real markets in no time. Please note that the Anon system does not provide information on minimum deposit requirements; however, we have read reports from some users that there is a minimum requirement of € 250.




After logging into the broker’s trading platform and depositing the funds into your account, you can activate the Anonsys software by clicking on the “Launch System” button. With Anonsys the system will automatically negotiate profitable trades on your behalf.


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Key features of Anonsys


Here are some of the main features that Anon System offers to all its users:


High privacy


  Anonsys attaches great importance to the privacy of its members, and therefore all users are hidden under the username “AnonTrader”. This means that if you are looking for an anonymous way to invest your funds, the Anon system could be a good solution.


Profitable trading software


  Anon System shares a large portion of the profits of the trading software. The robot claims that members usually make a daily profit of hundreds to thousands of euros. We cannot guarantee or confirm that you will benefit from trading with this app, but we have noticed several positive reviews from users who claim to have seen great results with the software.


Simple registration process


The registration process consists of three quick steps and, according to Anonsys, it takes a few minutes to open a professional account and start trading.



Is there a Anonsys app?


Anonsys is available to everyone, on any type of device, regardless of the operating system used. That is why it is an easy to use web based platform. But before you start trading, it is important to follow some guidelines.

First of all, if you decide to trade with Anon System, you don’t have to risk your funds to test the trading platform. After completing the registration, you can start trading with virtual money and check if the robot algorithm offers the aforementioned success.


Our verdict


The Anonsys website is live and the robot works with regulated brokers. Therefore, it doesn’t appear to be a scam. However, there is an air of mystery about the software, and as this is a new robot, there isn’t much information about the app. It is important to note that Anonsys is a new robot for auto trading, which has probably not been used by many investors yet.

Although the platform claims that it can generate thousands of euros a day and the online analysis of our tests seems to confirm this, it is still new software and the risks associated with trading persist. Therefore, if you decide to trade with the Anon system, we suggest that you start with the minimum deposit required and only risk what you can afford to lose.



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Frequent questions


Can I withdraw Bitcoin from my Anonsys account?

No, however, if you have been assigned a broker that accepts deposits and withdrawals via BTC, you can withdraw your funds in Bitcoin as well.

Should I choose a broker for Anonsys myself?

Yes, once you have finished registering and opening a new account, Anonsys suggests you multiple brokers to work with. Please note that depending on the broker you select, you may need to open another account as well.

Should I invest in Bitcoin with Anonsys?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary asset and its price continues to rise these days. Apart from that, if you open a new account on the Anonsys website, the software will use BTC for day trading and not for long investments. term.