Bitcoin Bank review

As the COVID-19 pandemic affected millions of people around the world, several people made millions sitting comfortably in front of their computer screens by trading with software like Bitcoin Bank. The economic downturn is evident and all the markets have receded, but not the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin and all the other altcoins raised their heads and started racing towards new records. The potential of cryptocurrencies cannot therefore be ignored and everyone should be able to use it to become the next crypto millionaires.

To help our readers achieve these milestones, we think the best platform you can choose right now is Bitcoin Bank. With its highly accurate algorithms and software, the app allows you to easily trade the cryptocurrency market to make millions.

What is Bitcoin Bank?

This app, which not long ago ranked second in Google keyword searches associated with Bitcoin, thus demonstrating its enormous popularity, works with CFDs (contracts for difference).

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Bitcoin Bank is famous for being able to optimize profits through its automated trading technology, which performs market surveys and uses price prediction to deliver the maximum possible profit.

The software uses cryptocurrency models and studies the markets on any available information from the past or present. Its robots even study emotional market trends through machine learning technology, offering an 88% success rate on your investments.

Is Bitcoin Bank a scam?

Bitcoin Bank is reliable and safe to use. The platform keeps your information safe and encrypted and prevents anyone else from using it. Many people report it as a fraud and claim that what the company says is not what they provide, but it is not true. Users take losses and blame the app for not going through demo trading sessions and trying to learn from the market.

  • The software conducts in-depth market research, which minimizes the risks of trading
  • The platform is 100% secure, as user information is encrypted
  • The robot also offers useful information to those who prefer to trade manually

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How does Bitcoin Bank work?

Bitcoin Bank uses first-rate cryptography and advanced programming algorithms to ensure the safety of its users and high profitability. The app uses all the data, present and past of the market, and analyzes them both strategically and emotionally, thus creating trend maps for the market.

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When he finds the best investment trade on behalf of the user at the best prices, using these maps, he invests automatically. The investment is made with the help of robot brokers, who give you an edge in the market by providing a time jump. The process is simple, and reminds us a lot of the trading software Bitcoin Up.

Trades guarantee your profitability and never let you down. Profits earned and amounts invested can be withdrawn at any time and at your convenience by simply converting them into the actual currencies of the country you operate from.

There is also the manual trading mode, with which you can disable automatic trading and invest on your own. Once you have earned your bitcoins, you can also trade them on the market by buying them at a lower value and selling them at a higher one.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Bank?

It is very easy to start using Bitcoin Bank, just follow these three steps:

Signing up

First, you need to register for free to become a member of the Bitcoin Bank investor community. For this you only need to enter your basic information such as first and last name, mobile number and email address. Registration is completely free and takes just a few minutes to complete. ID may be required to confirm your identity.

The Deposit

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The second step is to deposit the investment you want to use on the platform. The minimum amount required is € 250, and can be done easily via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill and bank transfers are also accepted. There are no costs in any of the cases.



At this point you can use the demo trading mode, depending on your experience level. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you always follow this step, because it helps you familiarize yourself with the operation of the trading platform and allows you to learn the different functions you can use during live trading, without risking your own money.

Basically, it teaches you how to earn bitcoins without even having one. Finally, after learning what and how to use the software, you can go live and start trading live by setting your goals, risks and strategies on the app.

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Key features of Bitcoin Bank

We analyzed Bitcoin Bank’s performance, ease of use, reputation, security and customer service. However, in our opinion, these are the main characteristics that distinguish it from the competition.

Excellent online reputation

Bitcoin Bank enjoys an excellent online reputation. All users who have used it, or at least most, claim to get a 400% ROI. Furthermore, it seems that through the capitalization of one’s investment, it is possible to grow the balance very quickly.

Professional customer service

The platform is also highly regarded for its customer support. We have contacted him ourselves and we can say that he is easy to reach, both by phone, email and live chat. Obviously, email is the slower method, while the other two are much faster.

Easy to use platform

Bitcoin Bank is easy to use even for beginners and this is one of the main reasons why it has been so successful. With this robot it is possible to be successful, even if it is the first time you try to trade online.

Is there a Bitcoin Bank app?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Bank does not have any specific application to download to your device, but you can use the software via any browser. Therefore, it works without any kind of problem even on Android and iOS. As it is very simple to use, it charges quickly even with a 4G connection and without Wi-Fi.

During the writing of this review, we were able to access the automated trading platform very easily via desktop and mobile browsers, so we did not encounter any difficulties from this point of view.

Our verdict

Bitcoin Bank is one of the most trusted and secure Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading apps in the market, using the most accurate predictions through its algorithmic robots. The platform offers immense potential to take advantage of the most volatile cryptocurrency markets globally and earn the highest profits on behalf of the user.

Earned money can be withdrawn at any time by simply submitting the application form. The app interface is very intuitive and can be handled even by a newcomer who has no idea about the trading and cryptocurrency rules. You can learn and grow a lot thanks to this platform.

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Frequent questions

What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank is an automated trading software that was launched in 2016 to help novice traders enjoy the opportunities offered by cryptocurrency trading.

How much does Bitcoin Bank cost?

This leaves all new comers surprised, there are no license fees to pay for using Bitcoin Bank thanks to the commercial agreements with its brokers. Most competitors, on the other hand, charge a fee. monthly which can reach up to 5000 €.

How much should I invest in Bitcoin Bank?

The minimum you can invest with this software through the brokers with which it collaborates is € 250. Although the figure is not very high, in certain market conditions, it is possible to earn even € 1000 per day starting from this investment.