Bitcoin Compass review

Despite the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and endless quantitative easing, Bitcoin has by no means halted its run. Although many cryptocurrency traders are making super profits through trading, the process is too complex for ordinary people with little experience. Enter Bitcoin Compass, a trading software made to increase the profitability of trades.

What is Bitcoin Compass?

According to its website, Bitcoin Compass is an advanced computer program that automatically searches for and executes cryptocurrency trading.


The trading software is said to be able to identify Bitcoin’s price disparity between exchanges and act on that information to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price, earning profits for users in seconds.

Furthermore, the website itself claims that its algorithm works tirelessly, ensuring that traders don’t waste time and energy analyzing large amounts of market data.

Is Bitcoin Compass a scam?

We registered on the platform to check its reliability. Doing so is very simple as we will see later. Furthermore, we have verified that the brokers you work with are all registered and regulated. In fact, there is nothing that can make this software look like a scam. Here are some of the benefits offered to its customers:

  • The software conducts in-depth market research, which minimizes the risks associated with volatility
  • The platform is secure as the identity of its subscribers is carefully verified and the information is encrypted
  • Reportedly uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies (generates great results)

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How does Bitcoin Compass work?

Using Bitcoin Compass helps you avoid making trading decisions based on emotion. In addition, this app also automates many other activities, such as identifying trading opportunities and market analysis. As such, it not only makes your job a lot easier, it also increases your chances of making huge profits in a short period of time.

bitcoin compass

However, like other trading robots, it’s not perfect. Hence, you need to have a clear understanding of crypto market trends if you want to make better decisions and make the most of them. Furthermore, again for this reason, we recommend never investing more than you can afford to lose.

At the same time, it is necessary to normalize the practice of transferring your earnings to your bank account as soon as possible. Furthermore, you must always establish rules such as “take-profit” and “stop-loss” when defining the parameters of the robot.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Compass?

As mentioned above, it is very simple to open an account and start trading with Bitcoin Compass. Just follow these 3 simple steps.

Signing up


To open a new account, simply fill out the registration form on the homepage by entering your full name, a valid email address and telephone number, and then click on “REGISTER NOW”. At this point you will need to verify your identity via email link and SMS code to activate your account permanently.

The Deposit


At this point, all you have to do is fund your account through one of the brokers available in your country of residence. Once you have selected your favorite, choose a payment method that best suits your needs and make the payment of your capital, which you will need for real trading. The amount must be equal to or greater than 250 €.


bitcoin compass

At the end of the previous two steps, you will be ready to begin your adventure. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you trade in demo mode first. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform and settings, before risking your money in live trading. If you have followed all the suggestions, you can only get a passive income with which to supplement your salary every month.


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Key features of Bitcoin Compass

There are several key features offered by Bitcoin Compass. In this paragraph we will only see the main ones and those that, in our opinion, have helped him to achieve success.

The withdrawal of funds

The process of withdrawing your funds is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve added your preferred payment methods, you’re ready to go. It will be necessary to monitor the software for about twenty minutes a day to increase profits a little at a time. You can withdraw the profits at your convenience and receive them immediately in your bank account.

Costs and commissions

Users pay no commissions or brokerage fees. In other words, all your earnings are 100% yours and you are free to transfer them directly to your bank account at any time. However, if you want to increase your daily earnings, we recommend that you reinvest a portion of the profit.

User testimonials

Bitcoin Compass enjoys excellent online reviews from verified users. Many are happy to have found a robot that guarantees their accuracy and is highly reliable. Many traders also share how the auto trading robot has changed their lives across various online platforms, including social media.

Customer service

Customer support is designed to offer all users, especially beginners, the best possible experience. Our investigations found that the company provides telephone support and more. It also offers email support and registered users enjoy faster response times.

Regulated brokers

As we said earlier, the platform relies on well-controlled brokers to access the trading market. All deposits go through them. When you want to trade, the platform’s algorithm evaluates your needs and chooses the most suitable broker to help you.

Is there a Bitcoin Compass app?

Although there is no real app to download on your devices, the software is designed with the needs of all users in mind, especially novice ones.

Both the registration and the trading process are simple to implement. The support team is friendly and the easy-to-read trading guide can also quickly new users to navigate the site.

Our verdict

By carrying out various researches, we found that there are many reviews and testimonials online from users who are very satisfied with Bitcoin Compass. Many judge it as one of the best cryptocurrency trading robots available in the market. It is safe, easy to use and extremely accurate.

It is these characteristics, users say, that put this robot in one of the first places ever. To minimize the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, start by investing the bare minimum, follow the advice of the most experienced investors and save your earnings safely.


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Frequent questions

What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is a trading software, which can be used in manual or automatic mode, which recognizes the best trading opportunities on the cryptocurrency market.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Compass?

Some online testimonials claim to earn over € 1000 a day. However, you need to invest large sums of money to get to certain amounts. The minimum deposit of € 250 will earn you, but much less.

Can I withdraw bitcoins directly from my account?

No, although it is possible to trade bitcoins, it is not possible to convert your profits into the world's leading digital currency. Thus, you will only be able to withdraw your funds in the current currency you selected when depositing.